i need help learning how to idle!!

i don’t know y but i just cant idle i have been doing uni for a year and a half and its just one of those things i just cant do so if you have any tips any advice will help.

thank you.:smiley:

Keep your weight on the seat. Repeat it to yourself. Start out with a super idle which is one full revolution forward, one full revolution backward. Again, keep your weight on the seat. Slowly work into an idle which is a half revolution forward, a half revolution backward. Again, keep your weight on the seat. Focus into the distance rather than on the wheel. Again, keep your weight on the seat. Work on keeping your weight on the seat.

The search function should turn up several topics about idling as well as some tutorials.

Ive got a decent idle going can get about 3 half rotations in a go. Ive been riding for about 1 1/2 months close to 2. Just try riding then stopping leaning back and then doing a rotation backwards. Then quickly pedal forward again. After you got that try going backwards again but make sure you lean back. hope that helps :slight_smile:

I learned the lazy way

Watching movies. I suppose I would have learned faster if I was paying attention, but no matter. Just sit on your uni and try to idle a bit while watching stuff on the box. Make it up as you go along, I wouldn’t worry to much about technique. It takes more saddle time to learn then straight riding does. You can also try riding backwards at the same time, as the tricks are related.

Weight on the seat! Eureaka! I can idle, but I’ve alwast been limited by fatigue in my down leg. It feels like hopping on one foot for a long time. I don’t feel like I can control it with my weight on the seat but I’ll keep working on it.

This is an important observation. If you are getting fatigue in your legs where do you think your weight is?

I’ve been riding for 2 years and can do a fare few tricks but just not idiling cos i just havent got around to it. I;ve always wondered if i put weight on which pedal or no weight or how far the cranks should go back and forth… I think ill give it a try soon once i got wheel walking out the way, almost perfected but still needs more practice.

So the cranks go half a revoluti on right? And for some reason i think its easier to idle on a giraffe…

Idling on a giraffe is indeed MUCH easier to learn/do. Idling on a smaller unicycle won’t be that much more harder though.

I don’t know about the rolling one whole rev forward then backwards thing. That seems harder than just idling, at least for me.

Use something to hold on to while you practice, wall, staff, car…
Use your hips to work the unicycle back and forth and, as mentioned, concentrate on keeping your weight on the seat.

i would position myslef in a passageway bewteen my house and then shed, sit on my uni and rokc back and forth until i could do it. My best advice would be to think that your weight is on the low pedal, and your other foot is just pushing the top pedal back and forth.

I have never been too great at idleing, seems I am almost better at 1ft idleing. If you can ride one footed already maybe try it, it would be intresting to see if you can. Ride nice and slow 1fted then just kick when your foot is on the up rev and try and idle, I found it came extremely easy.


I would advise you to not think about it. It’ll just come.

I’ve been unicycling for 4 years now and am still pretty rubbish at idling. If I pause while riding to do something I’ll be idling smoothly without noticing, but if I try to idle it ends up really messy and wobbly. Big flailing arms and that.

Harpers “weight on seat” is the correct way to do it, but others’ “weight on down foot” is probably the easiest. It’s the way I do it, badly.

What job do you do?


in my experience i have found that the smaller the wheel the eaiser it is to idle.

i also find it eaiser…alot eaiser to put more weight in the pedals (although i can do both).

OK but doing half a rev when idiling seems to much so I’ll do a bit less.