i need help finding a unicycle i want

hey i’m new here at unicyclist.com and i’m not sure if this is in the right category or if it should be in the trading post category. anyway i have been looking around for a street unicycle with a 26 inch wheel but i haven’t been able to find one. i would like one that is able to survive jumps, lasts a long time, and costs under $300 if possible. if anyone knows what i should get and where i can get it from that would be great. thanks in advance

Sounds like you want a used Nimbus 26er - with a slightly smaller tire. Hard to find but the new one won’t be that much more.

by any chance are you talking about the muni or another nimbus? if you are talking about the muni i was originally looking at it but i was able to find it under $320

thanks do you know where i could get one? also what exactly is it like?

sorry in that last post i meant to say i was unable to find one under 300. does anyone know where i can get one of them or something else i’d be interested in for a lower price?

The nimbus is your best bet in that price range. If you just want a solid unicycle to ride around on the street a Torker LX would be a good choice. It will not survive many jumps and drops, however.


as of now i’m probably going for the nimbus. i did look at the torker lx but i’d rather have a unicycle that can survive a lot of high jumps and drops and still last a long time. right now i’m thinking about the nimbus that c9ollie is sell in the trading post forum but he hasen’t posted anything about it in like 2 weeks so idk if he still wants to sell it. if he is still selling it i’ll probably buy it. in case he isn’t do you know where i can find one at about the same price(he has his up for 250)

Yes, I was referring to the 26" muni.

Given that Nimbus is manufactured exclusively for UDC, they’ll be setting the prices and unless you can find one used, that’s the price.

I ride the same one and haven’t broke it yet!

thanks. this is probably a pretty bad question but i’m new here so i’m not sure what exactly is udc? :thinking:

udc = unicycle dot com


Just remember, it is not you who chooses the unicycle, the unicycle will choose and when it does you’ll feel it.

But in all seriousness, the Nimbus is a good bet. It has an ISIS hub (more area for the crank to bolt to, therefore stronger) and so can accept KH (Kris Holm) moment cranks (they’re well hard)

and it looks like it uses the KH XC rim, which is better than the nimbus 29 standard rim.

so what exactly makes moment cranks different from other cranks? are they just really strong?

Yeh, just really really strong. A lot of people don’t need that much strength and use some lighter ones, but even the moments are lighter than the standard thin steel cranks you get on cheap unicycles (Nimbus 26 doesn’t have cheap cranks at all). I don’t think many people on here have ever broken one.

P.S. sorry for long wait

Not to thread drift too much, but what makes you want a 26" for street/freestyle?

It’s a big wheel for doing tricks, most folks ride a 20" for street, bumping up to a 24" for rolling trials/muni. I ride 26 and 29, but that’s for muni, I’d probably ride a 24 with short cranks if I was riding street style; 20" is just too small for me.

What size wheel do you ride now?

Every time I read the title “i need help finding a unicycle i want” of this thread, I can’t help but think “I need help finding a unicycle that I don’t want”. Gimme a KH24, Oregon26, KH29, Schlumpf 36er, and the list goes on… What is the formula? The number of unicycles you WANT is equal to the number you HAVE plus one.

David, you can add to that list:

A three speed hub, .75 : 1: 1.25
A Schlumpf 1:1.25 super duty muni hub
Disc compatible hubs on every uni
An Ardent 29 x 2.6
Crank lengths in 5mm increments from 60 to 180mm

So, have you checked out my grab handle set up on my guni?

Pics in the review section.

right now i ride a 20" which is way too slow for me. and actually now that i think about it i probably won’t even do too much street riding. I’d really rather do muni so i’m not sure what made me think i should get a street unicycle.