I need convincing

Can anyone convince me that I need to get a KH fusion cover? I want one but I dont really think I need one to bad. I’ve heard stuff about abrasion with the DX covers. Is that true?

if it aint broke dont fix it

Right. SOmetimes I want to buy one, other times I don’t I guess I’ll just ruin my DX cover first…

My DX has been restapled, all in new spots, has been in pedal bites, so theres hole in the cover, and ripped on the edges. Its perfect.

“If it aint broke dont fix it” does apply here…But so does “If its just broke enough, use ducttape.”

Very true with the exception if it is definetly gona break soon :wink:

Ducttape is like the force, “it has a light sight and a dark side and it binds the universe together,” from t-shirt at Hot-topic (punk store in the mall).

I hate the DX cover, it grabs my pants when hopping. I had a nice rash from it the first day… got fed up with it. So I ordered a KH cover from Darren for $30 shipped overnight, second best purchase I ever made, best purchase was my Jim Cielencki’s… DX pedals were too grippy for me.

if it’s just broke enough call me!


HAHA that was my grad quote (i graduated wearing duct-tape sandals)

but i am in the if it aint broke dont fix it camp

so go out and break it so you can buy the new cover

Hey, if you tear off the old DX cover, send it to me. I wanna put it on my mother’s Sun saddle.

Lemme think about that.

I agree dont buy the fusion cover