I need answers!

I need some answers to some quetions i have .

1 . I have seen many of the unicycle videos that people have posted on their sites and i would like to know what brand or how can i get a unicycle with one of those really fat tires and what is a good size for an intermidiate (not begineer) to use.

2 . I would also like to see some examples of some of the unicycles i talked of in question 1…maybe a link or a picture would be nice

fellow unicyclist
Bryan M

You are looking for a 24" wheel with a 3" tire. Check out unicycle.com under rough terrain unicycles.

Anything I can do to help, i would be more than honoured!

Brian M

thanks alot dude i appreciate it.

Wey… Brian M and Bryan M… or is that just sofa being like logan?

If you want a 20’’ trials wheel (jumping / obstacles) then youd goto unicycle.com and then under trials…though youve probobly figured that out by now so this is pointless, but hey theres a chance you didnt!

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For trials, the jumping onto stuff, you probably want a 20" unicycle with a 2.5" wide tire. Most people use 20" but some use 24". The most important part is not, surprisingly, the frame, its the hub/axle and the crankarms. These are what break when you go off a three foot drop. The best are splined axles. Next are cotterless or tapered. A long time ago some were cottered, but not anymore.

Kris Holm $400. Very popular. Splined hub and crankarms. (since the crankarms attach to the hub they have to be the same)

Summit $? Same hub, crankarms, and rim as the KH (Kris Holm) but a different frame. Slightly heavier? These are no longer in stores but you can find them on Ebay. I just bought one for $202.

Onza $370 About as good as the KH. There is a long post on RSU about those two unicycles. Splined hub.

Nimbus $170 i think. Cottered hub. This is about as low as you want to go for trials. It wont stand up to as much abuse as one of other two unicycles will.

Amongst other things. The Profile hub and crankarms is splined and comes with a lifetime warranty, which you definately pay for. Look on unicycle.com Some of the more expensive unicycles have Profile hubs.

Make sure you get a seat with a handle. I think the general consensus is the KH seat is one of the best, if not the best. Some like the Miyata/Torker better though.


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