I need advice from you on bying unicycle

i got my unicycle a little over a month ago and it was around 180$ But it was junk, the cranks are slightly bent ( not a big deal ) the fork is bent and the axle holding the fork to the hub is shifting out of place allot. It can’t withstand the tiny hops and things i do like 21 cm side hops little things like that. Im looking for a good 20" trials, verry strong ( perferably green ) and could stay in good shape for at least 2 years. Mu budget is around 250$ any sudjestions???

Nimbus ISIS with upgraded cranks, such as KH Moments.

Before you make any rash decisions, you might want to consider a street unicycle. Or try puting your unicycle together from parts. plunk around on unicycle.com until you see something youll love to have.

Good uni

If you are in or near Toronto call Darren Bedford. He can get you a strong uni that will last years, it may cost more than $250 but it’s worth it. bent anything is never ok.


The cheapest strong trials is a Torker DX ~ $230 on e-bay.

That would be over your butget ~ $340, but the better choice IMO.

I’d wait and save up if nessessary. On your preasant uni I’d focus on freestyle type tricks untill you have the $. You can prob beef up your uni a bit for little $.

Do you have bearing holders where there are two bolts going towards the middle on each side (lolly-drop bearings)? My beginner uni had this and each fork leg started to split. I got some clamps like these from my hardware store and I put them on each leg between the bolts. Now it’s much better.

your link doesn’t load, but it says hose clamps in the link location, and i used the exact same thing on my old uni when it was getting jacked up.