I need advice for airplane travel with uni

I guess hockey bags are scarce in Ga. Maybe UDC can stock some? BTW how is the voting going?

I have flown with my unicycles four times, twice with my coker. I always take mine to the gate and hand it over with all of the strollers and wheel chairs. The only time I got grief was in detroit and they went through this whole spiel calling the people at the gate just to find out that they really didnt care one way or the other. I would take everything apart and put it into bags if I knew how and had a bag large enough…but I don’t.

Football bag? Is there such a thing? I’m sure there is.

Walmart probably has them though. The best is a Senior goalie bag, those things are big enough for a person.

Another question: how do you guys go through security with your unis if the wheels can’t fit through the opening of the X-Ray machine? I looked at hockey bags online and the dimensions were mostly 31"x16"x16". Maybe I’m looking in the wrong spot. Where DO they store the wheel chairs and strollers? Would I be able to give it to them? Should I call my airline and ask them what I should do if I want to take my uni to the gate?

It was made from 2 20" rims that were fused together but were clipped in the middle so… yeah. :smiley:

Does that make sense???

If not, then it was a complete waste of time and $$$ and it snapped especially when i bunny hopped. So i had one custom made which doesn’t/didn’t bend. I wouldn’t even attempt my coker speed record if it did. :astonished:

B*cycle bags are fairly cheap and are big enough for a uni - not sure about a Coker tho’. Available in the UK from around £40.

I just looked up the conditions for carriage on BA (I’m flying to Helsinki next week so was thinking of packing a uni) but they state maximum dimensions height + width + depth must be < 152 cm. I don’t think that would permit anything bigger than a small foldig b*cycle, although a small uni might just fit in. In fact, I don’t think that that dimension would permit two 26" wheels to be packed side-by-side, before even thinking about getting a frame in.

On BA, as long as you have a bag it’ll go in, you can tell them it’s a bike, they carry 1 bike free of charge, http://www.britishairways.com/travel/bagsport/public/en_gb
they’ll take full sized bike boxes, so it’d be really surprising if they wouldn’t let you take something unicycle sized.

Same with Air NZ, bikes free (although with Air NZ, you only get 10kg extra baggage allowance for the bike)


Your link says (quote):“One piece of sporting equipment should weigh no more than 23kg and should not exceed the dimensions (H+W+L): 158cm (62in).” If I find time I’ll ring them tomorrow.

To fly from Brazil to Argentina, i used a 29" Wheel Bag… I just removed the pedals and the seat… The seat I placed on my hand baggage.
I put some plastic bubble wrap into the bag… because the airport employees realy aren’t careful.

In the airport i had just one problem:
My airline company demanded that the tire was empty… And it wasn’t… So I had some “last time” work…

Best Regards, and good trip!

I take my KH29 just about everytime I fly and all I do is take off the seat and pedals and put it in a box and write “UNICYCLE INSIDE” on the outside of the box and no problems checking it in with checked baggage.
One time I picked up a duffle bag from the localflea market and stuffed my cheap 29er in it with only removing the pedals just to see if it would get to its destination in one piece, and that was succesasful as well.
Beware of saying anything at the airport cause if they interpret it as a Bicycle of some sort they can charge up to 100.00 additional

Yaya today i booked my flights back to nz and with air nz i dont even have to deflate the tyre…Air NZ Baggage Info

so if you evre fly Air NZ look at this

can’t you just bring the unicycle all assembled to the gate?
btw, I’m looking for US regulations.

I believe rules differ per airline.

I flew SQ from Singapore to New York via Frankfurt with my 29" and back via China Eastern. My mom managed to squeeze my uni into a 24" iMac box (I don’t know how either!). No questions asked. My friend flew the same route with the same uni packed in a larger box. He got charged for overweight luggage. I was questioned about the box’s contents at JFK though but explained that it’s a unicycle which is like a bike. No further questions.

I flew Air Canada from Nova Scotia to Montreal with my 29" in a black garbage bag fully assembled.

I flew Jetstar (subsidiary of Qantas) to Hong Kong with my 20" dissembled. It’s packed in an oversized canvas bag. No questions asked, no damage done.

I flew Jetstar to Malaysia with my 20" dissembled packed with tools in a smaller canvas bag and brought it along as carry-on luggage. I had to convince a few people that I was harmless and it was a unicycle which is not a bicycle and the tools can’t hurt. I got away with that. Oh, and I did have to smile a lot.

well, I have a 26 muni and that’s kinda hard to conceal. Did you bring the 29er as a carry on?

Carry-on has a dimensional restriction. A bit of calculation reveals that it’s about the size of a 20" trials wheel, placed diagonally.

I packed it so that the frame was slotted over a crank and the seat propped the wheel so it would stay in the diagonal position.

Walking onto a plane with a unicycle these days is highly doubtful at an American airport. Though a disassembled 20" might fit the size restrictions, if it’s “naked” they would probably have something to say about it. I think they’re not crazy about metal stuff being carried on, even if it’s a unicycle. Other countries might be less restrictive about carry-on materials.

Your best bet is to at least box or bag it. In checked luggage, a “naked” unicycle might be fine, but it might also get scratched up. Worst case, it will get crushed/bent if it goes through the conveyor system. That’s why I prefer to always pack mine. Plus I usually bring more than one…

Don’t carry your tools in your hand luggage.
I had my cool-tool taken off me and had to explain exactly what it was to customs officials for a flight to Toronto.
I was given the option of it either being confiscated and destroyed, getting my luggage off the plane and checking it in again or posting it back to my house.
Fortunately I had enough time to find a place that sold envelopes and stamps and that had a postbox.
When I got back from Canada it was on my doormat.

Would would’ve thought that allen keys and an adjustable wrench would be so dangerous?

I’ve flown many times (8 or more) to and from USA airports (Houston, New Orleans and New York), Mexico and Panama without any problems. I put my KH24 without pedals, deflated tire and seat post all the way in inside of the bag which is sold at UDC. Have never had to pay any additional cost, no delays and not a single hassle. Just one time I was questioned what was inside and I answered it was a unicycle - just the normal grin.
I check it as second bag or first bag - depending - and never got any scratches or damages. I even put inside my helmet, pump, small tools bag and riding gear. So far cool!

so a 26er will almost never get passed through sercurity but can as checked baggage?