i need a unicycle

i hav a 24" torker dx and i relized it was too big for the technical tricks when it was too late so i am looking for a possible buy or trade for a really nice 20"

Would be helpfull if you said what country your from.

I don’t think Torkers are sold outside America, so he/she’s likely in the US or Canada, or at least on the American continent.

i live in washinton state

i live in washington state

Hey Proph, I might be interested in buying your 24" if you can’t trade.

finally got some pics

24" red/black torker DX (stock)

metal DX pedals with vary durable DX cranks
(i took it off 4 foot drops w/no side effects at all)

comfortable DX seat w/handle for jumps and tricks

and last but not least, a DX32 24" rim

How much do you want for it?

Your not tall are you? :stuck_out_tongue:



i am about 5’ 10.5", but i made the seat that short so i could bend my knees a little when i land, and as of right now i am selling the uni for $200 plus shipping so text me, email me, call me, or i am on here every day so u can contact me through this site to make a deal

watup there jtrops, r u interested

I allready have one, but Id say that you should charge around 150-175 depending on the year…

i have a torker ax with nimbus venture cranks in a 20 inch,will trade for your dx


Do u hav some pics of that uni

price drop

Im lowering the price to $175 with free shipping.

Any takers¿

You just copyed my avatar wich is from unicycle.br made by pedro, me and a friend you should have asked us to use it!

EDIT: And you cutted out the authors sign!


actually, this is in the exact condition i found it in, and i got it off of google images