I need a unicycle saddle like this one

I need a seat like this one, or something that would look good on this unicycle

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Do you want it just for the looks? You might find someone has a saddle like that lying around. You’d have to be a masochist to ride one like that for any length of time.

Since when did Kuwahara make unis? I thought they only made BMXs; but I must admit I am a fan, I have a Kuwahara 2KZ 24" Cruiser racing BMX…

P.S. Please no smart ass comments like “well, at least since 1985”; I can work that one out for myself!

if you really, REALLY need that saddle (what for for heaven’s sake?) - check this one:

I have some real pics of that one… honestly - forget it! the saddle is unreasonably wide and thick, “handles” are totally useless, since there is no possibility for a good grip… oh, and there’s something you can’t spot on that photo - a massive uncovered screw with sharp edges just waiting to strip your fingers’ skin, or hurt your knee (considering you’re tricking) really badly…

ok, photo uploaded :wink: check out what’s under the saddle!

It could be one of the millions of unicycles sold to every shogakko in Japan.

Spoken like someone who never unicycled in the 80s! :slight_smile: I think he wants to replace the seat as a restoration. That one appears to have chrome strips around the edge of the seat, rather than the metal bars in that other photo. The bars version is the superior seat BTW, but uglier. It will survive more drops, but not nearly as many as almost every seat ever made with plastic bumpers…

If I knew where to find one I’d let you know. Even my old Univega unicycles have plastic bumpers on the seats, though I have a couple with the metal bumper kind, including my oldest Miyata.

What’s a shogakko? I think you exaggerate, though Japan still probably has more unicyclists than the rest of the world put together.

true :wink:

I didn’t think of collector purposes, just purely practical…
anyway, it seems that Spinn is still selling unis with this “old school” saddles - I don’t see their unicycle branch future in bright colors :wink:

Shogakko means elementary school. In Japan, EVERY elementary school has a stable of unis for ths kids to ride at recess. (I’d guess about 30 or so 16" unis)

They could very well have millions in circulation…