i need a unicycle mentor

I am a senior in high school in Colleyville, Texas (the midcities).

We have been assigned a senior project, and I want to do unicycling,
unicycle hockey, or Muni as my topic. I have to write a research paper
(which can be on something besides the topic, like how unicycling affects
society) and also do a project. I was thinking about starting a unicycle
hockey league, or making a Muni.

I am required to have a mentor to teach me things about my topic (such as
playing unicycle hockey or how to make a Muni). It is required that we
spend 15 hours together working on my task. Is there anyone in the DFW
area (over the age of 18) who would be seriously interested in doing this?

If you aren’t sure and have questions, or want to do this, email me at


Jim Rybarski