I need a unicycle and a lesson in calgary alberta canada

What type of unicycle would be right for me? I dont know how to ride yet but will do anything to learn. does anybody have any suggestions as to how i can learn and what unicycle i should get? :thinking:

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Basically any unicycle will do for learning. Its once you have learnt that you decide what you want to move on to do (trials, Muni etc.) that you need a specific type of unicycle.

I’m pretty sure there are people on here that live around there, so thay could help. I’m not sure though.

I heard of the unipsychos and on theyre site they quite plainly say that they will teach new people but i posted on theyre forum and people view it but absolutely nobody responds.

i have limited time for a lesson as well. from now till july 7th im free, then im busy all the way till september. :frowning:

You do not need a lesson. Almost everyone taught themselves how to ride. Here are some links to tutorials that you should find useful. Expect to spend 10 to 20 hours actual practicing before you can ride a long way in a straight line.

This is not exactly true. Don’t get a unicycle with a hard, rubber tire. The tire must be inflatable. Don’t get one with the cranks and axle as one, flimsy assembly. The cranks should at least be removable from the axle. Avoid cottered cranks, cranks that have a nutted pin that holds them to the axle. Avoid Savage saddles, saddles with “chrome” bumpers. In general, avoid lollipop bearings, bearing housings that attach to the frame with two bolts and look like a lollipop. As an exception, Miyata makes unicycles with very good lollipop bearings. Get a wheel that is either 20" or 24" in diameter. A 20" is more maneuverable and probably slightly easier to learn on. A 24" is faster and more versatile.

Generally a smaller wheel is easier, so most learn on a 20" and it’d take a bit longer on a 24". Some who are really tall prefer a 24 for learning. Anything larger is not recommended to learn on.

If you have a strong fear of falling (like me), or are too short to fit on a 20, then something smaller would be easier, like 16" or even 12".

What you want to do w/ it after learning could play into the size of your learner. 20" is easier to learn, better for tricks and light trials. 24" is better for distance, and light Muni. If you get your learner different from the type of riding you want to do then you have unis for two uses. Eg. If you want to do Muni but get a 20 learner, the 20 will be easier to learn tricks on and would be a good loaner.

I’m not sure if they are available in Canada, but the Torker LX is great for learning and pretty inexpensive (~$100 US).

www.bedford.ca makes better quality learners as well as high end unis. E-mail for pricing.

www.canadianunicycling.com should be carrying everything uni, but I don’t know if they are up and running yet.

The new Canadian UDC shop is located in Calgary. give their # a call and see if someone there can help you with your lessons and choice of Uni for learning.

anybody know anything about the unicycling lessons at velocity motion werks?

This looks like good advice, but from ten years ago. Although still valid, you’d be pressed hard to find unicycles with those unfavourable characteristics. My friend harper is getting old.

The expression is “hard pressed.” And Harper has “gotten” old.

Look into the Velocity Motion Werks club. You can contact them at: http://rhubarbpop.com/index.php?main_page=contact_us

Its more fun to be with people when you’re learning to ride, and you will probably be able to borrow a unicycle. They will also help you choose a uni to buy. municycle.ca is based in Calgary, so check them out too.

allready contacted them. i know for a fact im going for another course of theyres so now im asking about unicycling too. they dont know about times and such yet tho.

Pat already beat me to it but you should contact Peter at Municycle.ca.

His shop may not be officially opened yet but he has a good selection of unicycles in stock, best part is you won’t have to pay shipping.