i need a trials uni

lookinng for a cheap trials 20" been riding my torker cx, but its heavy and the seat sucks=no handle. I jumped up my first curb today! used is ok. i need a seat anyone have a used saddle?
I need some help here! parts or full uni; anything!

ship to US

KH 20inch
Qu-ax 20inch
Torker DX 20inch
Koxx 20inch

All great trials unis.

Nimbus Trials probably isn’t bad.

If you want used, search the forums here.

I’d rather have the nimbus than the DX for sure.
I would imagine the 10 spline would be quite a pain to replace or upgrade.

A nimbus20 inch would be a good deal for you at around $270 .
If you want the best I’d get a KH.


the Nimbus 20-inch Trials Cycle with ISIS hub is 290 at http://www.unicycle.com/shopping/shopexd.asp?id=1092
you can get it in red yellow or blue and and can choose

by choose colors i meen the seat and a few others

Neffer bought a nimbus isis trials from udc about a week ago

I have some parts for sale. check out my thread in the trading post.

have you bought one yet
I have a good one you good buy
its 48 spoke quax hub and cranks has been ridden very little and I could get a kh street saddle for it tell me if you want it I could ship it

See my last post… I ride w/ neffer, he purchased a nimbus isis trials a few weeks back (right after he made this post). I’d be interested though :slight_smile:

made a purchase

I picked up a nimbus 20" trials off udc
sorry i didn’t get back to anybody i’ve been very busy working.
i love it and don’t need any extra parts right now, but thanks everybody.
shout out to my bro one wheel less