I need a Street photo

I’m doing a presentation this Thursday, and have various photos showing different types of unicycling. But I just realised that I don’t have any Street Unicycling photos.

Does anyone have a photo I can borrow? I’ll give it back once I’m done :stuck_out_tongue:

Please post on this thread (but only if the photo belongs to you and you don’t mind me using it).


Ken Looi

Oh, and a good track racing photo would be useful too…

Yeah, Ryan Atkins is kinda trials on the street instead of street on the skatepark but it’s a good photo :slight_smile:


Thanks Pete, it happens to be the presentation we’re both working on :stuck_out_tongue: . I think those pics might be copyright though. I need someone kind enough to lend me their own pics.

Your welcome to this one

Let me know if you want the full size photo.

Maybe Tomsey will know what the copyright dealio is with this one… if he reads this? I’m pretty sure I cleared it with him before I put it on the wikipedia site…

yup it can be used. if you read a little down, it says this:

This work has been released into the public domain by the copyright holder. This applies worldwide.
In case this is not legally possible:
The copyright holder grants any entity the right to use this work for any purpose, without any conditions, unless such conditions are required by law

this is my little brother jacob spera at moab, hes 14 if your wondering…

Its from video, there is no face, but… its fully mine. You can use it if it fits yer fancy

-Sam Haber

P.S. that shadow is killer

Some more, quality is on the lousy side tho.

its big street, but whatever.

Nice picture, very nice shot.


I like this one of me, its nice and clean and crisp too.

I love that pic, ntappin.

Anyone have bigger versions of any of these?

all rights are free

You can use those one that I took with a photographer…


I’m pretty sure the Atkins and Heaton pics were in the first (or else second) issure of UNI magazine.

I guess try back order a copy or get in contact with whoever publishes it?

Wow, great shots from agentQ, ntappin and a few others! Ken, if you’re still looking for an image that will work for you (like, with more pixels in it), find something you like in here and shoot me an email so I can unlock it for you or just send the full-sized image: