I need a song for a talent show act.

I am doing a talent show tomorrow. The funeral by band of horses worked excellent last year, but i don’t know what i’m going to use this year. Winning prize I’'m shooting for is $300, but i’d be happy with 2nd (200) or 3rd (100).

I would like a song that I can do some freestyle type spins to at first, then evolve my tricks into some bigger-street type tricks like 360’s and unispins, ending w/ a 360 off the stage.

any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Here’s one,

maybe it won’t work for you, but either way good luck

Susan Christie to the rescue.

How can you lose with a French monarch?

song found :slight_smile:
viva la vida - coldplay

Am I too late?


oh lord, really?


if you’re willing to coordinate timing, this would be awesome


some of the remixes are better if you don’t want to worry about timing

That clip said “this is a kazoo” in the beginning.
Well, this is a kazoo player, who -if I recall correctly- is a unicyclist to: