I need a ride to OHIO, from near boston

yo, Im probably gonna end up hitchiking, but I thougt I’d check just in case:
Is anybody from new england going to OHio for nationals by car?
I can drive wicked far, and pay for gas.

holler at me

make new!

What about Greyhound?

Re: I need a ride to OHIO, from near boston

Then why can’t you drive yourself? Or ride a bus?

I’m 40 minutes west of Binghamton, NY, and I’ve been looking for a reason to drive that far… let me know if you want to work something out.


Nothing like planning ahead… I’m leaving tomorrow! (plane to Michigan). Sorry I can’t be more helpful. You might try contacting Ben & Joey to see if they’re coming, or TheDan. Those are the riders I know closer to you. And of course Dave fcwegnm0b (what an odd last name).