i need a picture,do you have it?

i seemed to have lost all the pictures i had of a v-brake being used on a wheel with a 2.6 Gazz or another tyre of its size.

if you have one,please post it.i am most interested in a straight shot so i can see how much cable clearance there is over the tyre.

thanx in advance.

Aren’t there some pictures on ossunicycles.com of a 2.6" with a v-brake?



somebody has to be riding a v-brake/2.6 set up…

It’s not front on…but it’s better than nothing. Maybe you could email Mr Oss and get him to take a front on photo for you. I’m sure he would.



I haven’t worked with it, but Tektro has linear-pull brakes with extra long arms for fender clearance: Tektro 847AL and 829AL.

interesting,i tried a search for those but i couldnt find a good pic of those either.Tecktro seems to take pride in makeing versitile componates.