I need a new unicycle...

Alright so I was jumping down a 3 set and before I could even roll out I hear a cracking noise…

My Norco 20’’
My pedals still look like new(except a few scratches)

Right side

Left side

Yep both of em clean off on same jump.
Time to get that KH I guess.

EDIT: pics fixed

broken 002.jpg

broken 003.jpg

broken 005.jpg

Thats amazing!

Be proud to rip two cranks off at the same time. And like you said, time to get a KH. =p

That’s a pretty fair effort. You should be proud, and mount that hub/crank set on your wall.

Well I dont think it’s too amazing given I switched them around to keep them even but yes I do feel kind of proud.

Ouch. Can you ride the remains?

Nope, just time to work on your wheel walking.

Dang, I came back to post just that, but now ill just change that post into this, what you are reading now.

It’s kind of ironic… earlier today I was working on getting my feet back on the pedals after wwing, and yea I can ww on it =)

Use it as a gliding unicycle. I saw a video once where they were talking about people in france taking off the pedals and just gliding around town. Well now you don’t even have cranks XD!

Well I just need to figure out how to glide then.

Then you can get this comment: “I think you are missing a wheel… and a few cranks as well”


I have a uni that looks a lot like that (no cranks/pedals). I’ve used it to practice wwing/gliding, too.

I gona try break my hub near my birthday so I can have a good excuse to get a kh hub:D

Good work, I have done the same thing, on the same unicycle (except a 24), but only one at a time. Definitely time to go splined.

that is quite impressive!

sticky tape will fix that no probs! :slight_smile: