I need a new unicycle

Sun is a beginner brand uni. No ISIS hub/cranks and pretty weak overall so won’t stand up to much abuse at all. Similar to Torker.

I’d say a Torker is a little better than a Sun. The Club is probably comparable to a Torker. For what you are trying to do short term, any of the 3 should be sufficient. The Torker brand actually has a model with ISIS hub/cranks, and it is still close to your price range ($300).

You will not regret buying a 29, and if you can’t find one a 26 would be a good second choice. If you are looking for speed and “cruisability” either of those will blow you away after your 16" experience. Be sure to put a good tire on it for the street, it is amazing how much extra energy a big heavy knobby tire demands. Good luck!

Yeah, i agree that Torker is better than Sun. I was just saying that they are comparable in the sense that they are both starter unis. The Torker DX does have ISIS and can be found pretty cheap on ebay and CL (I saw one for $150)