i need a new unicycle help?

Hey i just started unicycling about a month ago i used a sun unicycle through my learning process but now I’m ready to move up i want something that i can learn tricks on and jump off stuff with but i don’t know much about brands yet so if you could help inform me a little i would really appreciate it plz and ty oh i would like it under 200$ for now :smiley:

Hi Randy, welcome.

I don’t know that much so wait for someone more knowledgeable to give you better information, but I would say, if you want one for under $200 just ride the Sun until it breaks and keep saving money. I started with a Sun flat top and it took a good amount of beating and I took it on trails to do some mild muni with it, it was fine.
I think you would probably want to go to a Nimbus trials or KH 20 but your not going to get either of those for under $200, Nimbus is on Unicycle.com for $300 in different colors…the link is for the purple…


ya my sun completely collapsed tho cuz i was jumping off of stuff and the wheel gave in so i was gonna just replace the whole thing for something better i was going to order a nimbus from unicycle.com but car trouble lowered my budget but guess ill just save my money a little longer and go with that thanks =]

No problem, good luck, you might want to keep an eye on the trading post forum, sometimes a good trials comes up on it. There is one on it now but it isn’t in your price range. Good luck. Maybe someone else here has better advice for you as I am fairly new at this also.

hey hey hey i am having trouble figuring out what i should get too!

ok thanks for the help =]

what kind do you have as of now?

I’m in a similar situation…have a learner uni from unicycle.com but want to buy a better one and was thinking of a KH20…however don’t have much money sniff…I think I’ll take the advice given here and stick to the learner until it breaks until I save up some cash. (I’m in the UK so I think its £300 sigh)

You can get a Nimbus Trials witch is as solid as a KH, just put KH moment cranks on it and it is undestructable!:stuck_out_tongue: And it is way cheaper.

For your information, this is the “Unicycle Product Reviews” forum. You should only be posting… you guessed it… reviews of unicycle products you’ve used.

The information you’re looking for is already available in the “Rec.Sport.Unicycling” forum. Many, many people have come here asking the exact same question as you… this exact thread is duplicated dozens of times over already!

Just use the “Search feature” and look for “new unicycle” or “beginner unicycle” or “new rider” and you’ll find lots of threads with suggestions and tips.

You my dear friend, are a genius!
I think I will do just that. (When I can afford to sigh)
They come in some prety nice colours too :slight_smile:

Quick question: I was a little confused when I read this as part of a spec for a Nimbus Trials uni…

‘Wheel-size: 19” (Trials 20").’

So is it a 20" or a 19"? I don’t get it. :thinking:

A trials or street uni have a 19" rim, but because the tire is 2.5" wide, it makes the wheel a 20". It doesn’t really change anything, you just CAN’T put a normal 20" tires like BMX tires, you have to be sure it’s 19". You were not wrong, it’s both size at the same time!:stuck_out_tongue: