I need a new unicycle because...

My 5yo son now has gears on his bicycle and I can’t keep up on the downhills - I need gears too. Having very serious thoughts about getting a Schlumpf sooner rather than later (still unemployed so I’m not supposed to be spending that sort of money!) and what’s more fitting it to a 26" rim for muni rather than the road 29er I was thinking of, given it’s the muni I ride with my son.

(add your own reasons why you need a new unicycle)

How well would you keep up on the 29er with shorter cranks? Cheaper option.

I’d probably fall off too much. I have a road 29er with 125s, but haven’t even tried riding it with him even when riding on hard surfaces as I find getting on and off too hard work and not all that easy to ride altogether, given I need to have some concentration spare to keep an eye on him. I suppose I need to practice riding that more, but I do also need the lower gear of the 26er with longer cranks for riding uphill and when the going gets more techy.


I need new unicycles cos YCNHTMU’s
( you can never have too many unicycles :slight_smile:

It would be cool to have 2 of each size , one with a muni tyre and one with a road tyre. And a Schlumpf hub, well that would be so cool :sunglasses: , and if you decide it’s not your ‘thing’, you can post it to me :smiley: