i need a new trick...

i was wondering what would be the best umm… intermediat (i probably spelled that wrong) trick for me to learn. please give me a few suggestions. thanks. :thinking:

What tricks can you already do?

umm… lets see bakward, 1footed,almost a 180, a 3 foot drop, hopping (about almost 1 foot) …when i think of more ill list them

you could try idles, 1 ft idles, revs (jumping up and pedaling a full or half revolution in the air). maybe wheel walk too.

EDIT: if your into trials, work on seat out alot and seat out hopping. If you want to learn more freestyle stuff, probably 1 foot wheel walk and then gliding.

hmm seat out (not that great at it but…) skinnys, wheel walk, and thats all i remember =)

oh i can idle and wheel walk

thanks for helpin out ill try that.

I suggest taking a looksie at the ten unicycling skill levels, found on unicycling.org, and pretty much follow those. for a while anyway, until you get bored with freestyle. or check out unicycle.2ya.com.

:o oh… ok lol

Everybody tell Jared to stick with wheel walking, and not give up…

crankflips and nuispins… both the basics for street flips… or if your into trials well yea high side hop and far gaping distance is usually a good thing.

…and get rid of my old avatar.

=\ forrest shutup and i now how to wheel walk idiot

skate4flip…remember me? on runescape? haha hi…lol i now it aint bout unicycling but i just whanted to say hi so…hi

im happy i can just almost do a 360

i know it isnt really that much…but its pretty good for me =-)

sorry ive been ating silly =\

woopsy acting not ating =P

why did somone give me a bad reputation? he said stop saying lol omg and jk and all those things so much. why is that bad? please tell me…i dont do forums much.:frowning: and i dont do those very often.

i mean thats not bad… is it?