I need a good commuter.

Well my birth day is coming up and I’d like to get myself a decent commuter. I cant spend much. So I’ve been looking at the coker big one. I don’t know much about cokering. But I was hoping some one could tell me what size cranks, if I needed handlebars, and if i needed a break. Well I hop you guys can help.

I own a Coker Big One. I’m very pleased with it, and I haven’t experienced any problems with it yet. You don’t need handlebars or a brake, but both of those things will definitely make your ride easier.

If you live in a very flat area, however, the brake is unnecessary.

Get 125mm Cranks you wont regret it. 150mm cranks are too big unless you are doing muni.

114-102, Nothing Bigger.

For Ottawa outside Gatineau park, yes, but for cities with real hills, then no. 125’s fit in there as well.

Please look at the bigger picture when giving people advice.

Will doo…

The stock 150mm cranks are a good size for learning with. They are long enough to give you good control and that extra control is useful while getting used to the coker. Then after you are comfortable riding the Coker you can consider shorter cranks.

I use anything from 114 to 170 depending on the conditions. I mostly use 125s.

170s are winter only cranks for plowing through deepish snow.

Handlebars are very nice to have.

125’s to start

defiantly get handle bars!! after a few miles you’ll not only want to put your hands somewhere, but climbing a hill with no handle bars is like standing up and pedaling on a bike with no hands. with a handle bar, even on the coker, you’ll be able to stand up and kill hills even with cranks smaller than 125s.

no brakes…there not necessary

I would also like to refer you to one of my previously posted threads…

The nimbus titan and coker big one both are exellent unis for the price. coker seems to be having some occasional quality control issues, but so far they’ve been more than willing to fix any problems that have been found. A handle bar is a worthwile investment, and if you go with the coker, it’s well worth the additional fifty bucks. the t7 bar is an ok shape, but structurally a poor design. some people prefer to make their own handle, and if your up to it this can result in a lighter product that suits your particular needs.
I also agree that you would probably feel more comfortable on longer cranks to start out, you can decide wether you just want the 150’s, or wether you would like to also order 125’s right off the bat.

good luck! i wish i could commute, my daily drive is usually around 60 or so miles either way, and i have to drive my truck to carry my tools :frowning:

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