I need a full face helmet for muni.

Anybody recommend a light weight full face helmet? I went by my local bike shop and they only had one and it was pretty heavy. It looked more like a motorcycle helmet. I need one that looks like a regular bicycle helmet, but full face. The problem is that I am getting up there in age (53) and my arms and legs buckle on me sometimes when I fall, especially when I am tired. I have been lucky so far and have only landed face first into dirt, but one of these days I am going to fall face first into a big rock and loose the few teeth that I have left. So I figure I better play it safe and get a full face helmet. I just don’t want one that is heavy like a motorcycle helmet. Anybody make one?

The Oneal Fury only weights 1100g.

I use oneal shoes, shinguards and backprotector and my brother is using gloves, shinguards, helmet and shoes from Oneal.
Not one thing were we got disappointed. Oneal is pretty good quality.

Check Walmart & Target stores - there are some full face
bicycle helmets. Toys-R-Us also sells them.

There are some that fit small adult heads.

Check ebay for Mongoose full face bicycle helmet


May even want to try a hockey or lacrosse helmet???

I have just received my O’Neal Fury Helmet and the O’Neal Mad Ass Protector Jacket and I can recommend both. Very lightweight and very good protection.

I bought a Bell Bellistic Full Face BMX Helmet last summer. It’s not too expensive from $55.- $90. depending on color. It’s relatively light weight. Being in your age bracket, I decided to buy one after getting braces on my teeth. Figured if I was spending several grand on my teeth I probably should also protect them.

a couple months ago i bought a a used fullface from specilized (model???), i only wear it, when i’m going to be fast in rocky trails. i like it so far, but sure prefer my other one. the fullface is hot, heavy and also my field of view is restricted, but i guess if you wanna be safe, you’ve got to take this :roll_eyes:

I don’t have those problems except the helmet being hot. But that’s appreciated in winter and I also don’t bother in summer. While riding I do not even notice wearing a helmet. Just when looking back over my shoulder the view is restricted but how often to you do that while riding downhill (I don’t train while being chased by wolves or something like that :smiley: )

I think this might be what you are looking for:


The chin guard is even removable.

That helmet looks great! I’ll have to see if I can get one in the US

I saw this helmet live, it looks a little delicate and people told me it likes to brake and splitter into cheek :astonished:
…but thats just what people tell maybe just a rumor :thinking: , i would not wonder if not.
however there was no size what fits my head including ears:p

That looks like it might work. I haven’t found anybody that sells it in the USA. I need to find somebody local that wants one since you get free shipping if you spend over $250. I need to find out if they sell the chin guard separately and for how much. The chin guard is made to split in a hard fall, so sooner or later it’s going to break. I live in Texas, so wearing a regular full face helmet is out of the question due to the heat. Thanks for the link.

Check this out - looks like free shipping to US at a lower price.

MET parachute.bmp (1.46 MB)