I NEED A BETTER UNI!!! Please help

Hey, the unicycle i have has a really small seat, there’s barely anything to hold on to while jumping etc. If anyone knows a good brand (i would like a 20 inch) for $300 or less.

Look for the Toerk DX on ebay, you can find them for less then 300 dollars, it is a nice trials uni, very strong wheelset, and will last you a long time.

ok cool…that sounds like the type i need…i guess…lol i dunno much about uniing

Well, what type of riding are you more, or the most interested in?

You could just by a bigger seat.

yeah, but i’d just as soon by a better uni, one with a thiker more durable wheel, and a sturdier frame…oh and jerrick, i would like to do a little of everything, but trial is the most lucrative style to me.

Thanks for the help, alex and matt are on their way, so i’m gonna go uni with them…I figure if i get good at riding on a sucky cycle, then i should be even better when i get a new one.

Hahaha, no, that wouldn’t help at all…he’s still riding alex’s old torker CX.

Yeah…buying a nice new seat for that is like putting spinners on an Oldsmobile.

don’t do the dx

the dx apperently has a weak crown to seat poast attachment you should go for the kh 20’’ trials unicycle it is lighter and stronger, the one downside is it costs around 400 bucks

Not anymore, they fixed that with the 2007 frames.

The 2006 had the problem, but I just replaced the broken frame with a cheap, strong, 52 dollar Nimbus II frame. =p