i need a 24" muni unicycle

hi, i went out today with 6 other riders (on my first ever muni ride) i was using a 20" unicycle the nimbus trails one to be persise. all the otehr guys wher on 24s.
i found some of the more bummpy bits hard to ride on my 20" so ive decide to get a 24" if i had all the mon ey in the world this wouldnt be a problem but i dont so it is.

i want a nice stround municlcye that wont break , or break my tinywiny bank account

oh and i had fun today, lots of it infact

im not trying 2 hijack the thread but while its hear …the same questions but for a 26 inch… plz

Here’s my 2¢

I own this Qu-Ax 24" Muni… it’s splined, comfortable, and rock solid. At the time it was the best priced quality Muni & I find it great.

I know you can get a new 24" torker DX cheaper and even for $220 on ebay these are splined and I’ve heard only good things about them.

Probably the best quality Muni you could get would be the KH 24" Muni. That is in the high price range($520 USD). The KH XC is very nice too. Its even a little lighter than the KH Muni, and its $514 USD. The only differences between the KH Muni and the KH XC is the XC has a skinnier rim (38mm, as the KH Muni has a 42.2mm rim diameter), shorter cranks(150mm, the KH Muni has 165mm), and a smaller “Kenda” tire(2.6, the KH has a 3.0 of course).
I think i would actually go for the XC if i had to do it again. it a lighter person and braking anything wouldn’t be a problem even if i did the stuff i do on my KH Muni.

But for the price the other best one available would be the 06 DX 24" Muni. its like $250 USD. Thats really cheap for a splined Muni uni.

Other unis you could get is the Qu-ax for like $330 USD, or the Onza for $450

If you have time, just wait untill you get enouph money to get a good one. Dont blow your money on a cheap piece of poo just because you didn’t want to wait.

i realy like the try-all muni and you can get them in the us now

The Qu-ax 24" is probably the best, and unless ur an uberpro like KH, i doubt u would be able to damage it, it actually has teh exact same tire as teh KH 24, the only difference is price, the frame is lighter ,and has a different seat, but the Qu-ax also has a KH saddle, just with different colour bumpers, so unless u can save ur money, for years to buy a KH 24, definitely go for the Qu-ax 24"

I think dale_dale is in the UK, so Torker isn’t really an option. Qu-ax are apparently pretty good, and much less expensive than a KH if you want a splined setup. It depends on what sort of riding you think you’ll be doing - if you’re not going to be doing big drops then a normal cotterless hub may well be enough, and considerably cheaper. My 26" Nimbus II has survived 18 months of me thrashing it around Dartmoor with no problems at all.

BTW - see you on Dartmoor at the end of May?


yeah im in the UK ill have a look on unicycle.uk.com are there any other site i should bother looking at??

thanks for all ur help

hi, my new kh only cost £240, on offer at unicyle.com at the moment, definately worth the money in my view. felt so much better on that ride than my nimbus 24inch did, made riding a fair few bits a lot easier, like those steps in the gardens we did.

otherwise the nimbus is about £150 i think, your not really going to get much cheaper new i dont think, thats worth its money for muni.

i have a Question…the dx is the same price for the 20’ trials as it is for the 24 if i got the 24 inch …would it be able 2 withstand the same drops as the 20’ or would it be weaker in any way…i plan 2 get the 24’ dx 2 do both muni and trials ,basicallly what im asking is the 24’just as strong as the 20’? visa versa(spelled wrong)

yes the 24" is just as strong as your 20". Get the 24" too! If anything, drops will probably be easier if the drop is going onto dirt or a trail because the bigger wheel can roll out enstead of getting stuck it a pot hole like the 20".

dale_dale if you wait untill the 06 KH’s come out the 05’s will be on sale and will be much cheaper than they are now. so plz dont get the first thing you see, think about it a little. If you have to have the muni for a special occasion or somthing, then get a qu-ax or sumthing just as strong.

thats not totaly true the hub and cranks will be the same but the wheel will be weker because of its added diamater. it mite come out of tune easer

that kh muni thats on offer is so temping i have enough for it but i need some money in my bank… a may need to get a job hahah im too lazy

240 is a lot of money for a unicycle though… might get a middlist good 1

ok im not spending all my money on a unicycle. i have other needs aswell

so i was thinking this nimbus 1 http://unicycle.uk.com/shop/shopdisplayproduct.asp?catalogid=485
would that be a mistake??? im new to muni so its only my 1st 1

yea thats true,but overall there about the same

this one is totally fine if your not going to ride it hard. If you really like to Muni then i would say to still get a uni with some kind of splined hub, unless you will never do drops.

that muni is perfectly fine for muni. I doubt you would do any damage to it around rivington. I had the same uni basically to begin with. I did start to bend cranks on it though, and thats why i upgraded to the KH24. If you can afford the KH, and think you are definately going to get into muni, i would definately go for it. Because you wont need another 24inch muni ever. Wheras the nimbus, in a year or two will probably need replacing if you progress, and then you end up spending money on another uni. You do end up with 2 unis that way tho i supppose/