i need a 20" trials uni kh20 06-08 koxx nimbis

i just broke my trials uni and now i dont have anything to ride but i dont have the money to get anything over 200-220 $ :angry: :frowning: so i was just looking to see if any one would have anything they would like to sell pictures and specs would be very much appreciated

what did you break? I am sure you could use that $200 to fix what is broken.

well i guess i could but i was stupid when i first started unicycleing and i bought a nimbus 16" trials uni thinking that it would be good but in reality it is a hindrance lol so i broke my cranks and i bent my rim and i cant seem to find the rim and i would like to get a 20" just because then i could get more serious but mainly im just looking for ideas more then anything i kinda just want to see what people are selling and how they look so yeah lol thank you for the idea tho :slight_smile:

Their is a good uni on this forum in North America right now. A bit over your price range, but a very good deal.

Sent you a PM… I am building up something that might be right up your alley.