i neda hop HIGH

hey guys kan u help me im alryte at hopping but i need a few pointers cheers holla:D

What do you want tips at, side-hops? SIF? Rolling?

should have asked me when i was down in your area brother… or do i not hop high enough for your likings? :stuck_out_tongue:

haha gud 1 bro well? how?


u needa get some power out of those little legs lol.fully compress you r tyre to get most spring and jump and crouch pulling up seat hard

rolling is a good way to get height easily. and lots of practise. remember that i have good springy legs too :stuck_out_tongue:

cheers bro im thinkin bowt kumin up 2 auckland in labour weeknd it sounds lyk its guna b mint

it sure will be! bring all the NP brotha’s up in a big convoy! we’ll have a spiffing time for sure!

ye kant wait:D :smiley: i will du thers b all da bois

im tryna start a np uni club

yeah i heard. you should pull yourselves ova to NZUni forums :smiley:


we have the forums for us Kiwis, on www.unicycle.org.nz/bb/index.php which we use for kiwi related conversations. its where the locals hang out and all that

oh sweet

im a member now

how high can you jump at the moment?

and when you jump be sure to pull/kick the unicycle up as high as possible
… fold like a V, but sideways

This is a good time for me to ask about rolling hops. I just need to know the basics, it will save me the time of trial and error. Once I get the basics I will just spend my time practicing to make them better.


i can nearly hop up 3 crates but at the moment i can only do two!!!

ok, try this … jump away from the crates as high as you possibly can
then know that you can do it and go for it , its really not as High as it seems
try folding a little, if you watch the people who hop the highest they tuck way down when they hop, and at the highest point they are tucked again

and for rolling hops, i started slow and worked my way up quickly