i modded my torker lx saddle

i was in some pain in the rear area so i tryed to make a quik fix i used one of my old nylon book covers and i ripped some cottony stuff out of an old pillow and attatched it over the existing cover with safety pins then bolted the handle and bumper back on i want to put a better handle on it eventualy but i dont know what i can put on it so if anyone has any ideas let me know





if anyone has any ideas for what to pad it with that will work better than synthetic cotton plese let me know

You could try cutting the gel out of a bike gel seat, then cut the gel itself into the uni seat shape and put it under there. You could probably even try it with 2 layers of gel. Though…if that cover isn’t that tight the gel might move around when your sitting on it.

the cover is realy tight and i can just superglue the gel in i guess

There’s also a very easy lx seat conversion to do:

You could use an air and gel combo, just air, or just gel.

But if that cover you have now works good enough and you just want to save time you can put gel in. If it’s tight enough you shouldn’t have to superglue the gel.

hahahaha I did the exact same thing to my lil bro’s seat
but he had a worse seat
and I used a soccer jersey and foam rubber :slight_smile:

That looks nice and comphy. The only thing you might want to change is the safety pins on the underside of the saddle. If one came undone while doing som SIF you could stab yourself. I think if you used some grommits in the fabric and attach them with a shoelace, like the Fusion cover, that would work better. The cover is perdy too.