I might wanna start uncycling, advice plz?

well, first of all, is it worth it? i understand its about a month of falling before i can ride, but is it really fun?? and i just want it kinda causually (riding on streets and such), is that good for a unicycle, like an alternative for skateboarding or rollarblading. Second, where can i get a good beginner uncycle for around $100-$140. Third, is just about every unicycle good for tricks? even a beginer one? (im a stunt junkie :smiley: ). How long would it take to be able to do tricks like jumping (on average). Please help, i want to but don’t kno anywhere or anyone to ask… Also please don’t post a link to like $400 unicycles that i cant afford… THX

A month to ride? Not even. Took me 2 hours. And in my experince it takes people around that much time to be able to ride around uncomfortably, and a couple days to ride around comfortably.

I was riding about 75 meters before getting really tired and falling off on my first day.

Couple days later I rode about 5 kilometers with only about 4 or 5 breaks.

ok, from my knowledge, it takes a few days to get it down well enough to call yourself a unicyclist. a cyclepro unicycle has a 1/2 decent seat and will do you fine until you start jumping off 2ft ledges, you can find one for about $60(usd) or the better learner uni, the LX is about $100 (usd) I don’t know the cheapest place for either of those unicycles, but do some searching (google, not this site) and you will find them.

I took up unicycling as a hobby since i was bored out of my mind. I practiced about an hour a day for two weeks before I was riding a decent ride (across two tennis courts). And its been probably another two weeks and I can already almost free-mount my uni every time. Sure, on occasion it takes a couple of tries, but I notice I am improving the more I ride it. I bought an ebay special for $75, and its held up so far. I love unicycling now, the looks it brings, the things people say, and most of all, the feeling you are truly doing something unique. I just ordered a Nimbus 2, a bit of an upgrade from what I got now, and I can’t wait to get it. Don’t ask how I got started, or what made me think of a unicycle, but now after I get done with my trip, however long that is, I am instantly in a good mood, regardless of how ‘bad’ my trip was.

My advice to you is listen to the advice given here. They helped me when my legs were killing me, now I can ride for a while without having to stop and rest, which is awesome (thanks all).

I would definitely get one if I was you. If you get hooked, you will wonder why it took you so long to pick one up and learn.

Thanks for all the helping comments…now all i gotta do is get my mom to let me get one, any ideas on how to get that to pull through, lol, she thinks its a joke but im seriously will to pay for it and commit to it…

I’d just order one, and when it shows up, look at her, and start humming ‘opus 68’…the circus tune as you walk out the door.

You should definitly try it if you have even the slightest desire to. My friend has this one and it has held repeated 1’ dropps for him (he weighs about 150lbs)

ride on!:smiley:

I think you mean unwinding… first take a long vacation to some cool place youve never been to before. That would do it for me. Or you could read a good book. Just relax man.

Or is that the opposite of recycling?

I spent a few hours in the house (winter you know) balancing. Then went outside and got at it. You’ll be riding in a few hours.

But seriously, I’d say it takes about 24hours total of practice to become a REAL unicyclist. Learning to ride is a blast anyway.

Couple hours per week for about four weeks is what it took me to be able to get across a basketball court. Few weeks later, and I was free-mounting. Excellent hobby…sooooo much more fun than a b*ke, especially if you get one big enough to cruise on (in my humble opinion) or do trails. I started on a 20" Sun (it still does okay, but won’t hold up to a lot of abuse). Now I’m on a 26" Nimbus, which I really enjoy.

I look forward to hearing about your learning experiences!