I might sell my Monty trials


I am considering selling my Monty in order to fund some other unicycle parts (cranks). Now that I have my KH24 I don’t see the trials uni doing much other than collecting dust in my shed until King Muni-Man is big enough to ride it.

The uni was purchased on August 27th and experienced no trials riding other than some light hopping. What can I say, that’s all I can do. :wink: I mainly bought it to make trail riding more compatible with my son. I haven’t ridden it since February so it’s only a few months old and hardly used. It was mostly ridden on snow so the tire is in perfect condition. I would only sell the frame and wheelset+cranks, no pedals or saddle.

Here’s the description from unicycle.com

It’s a Monty Trials Wheelset with Suzue Hub, I payed $159.00 for mine but I see it’s now going for $184.00.

I also have a 20" YUni frame that I purchased for $40.00.

Basically I payed $200.00 + shipping for these parts. If anyone is interrested I’m willing to negotiate a fair price. I think whoever buys it will get a real good deal. Shipping will come from Alaska.

I’m looking for feedback at this point. Is anyone interrested?



It sounds like its in good condition, but you know how fragile unicycles can be, with cranks and hubs bending all the time, so what do you think?

I am seriously interested.

Yes, I understand your point. Buying used items over the internet is always risky. I myself have had some poor luck on eBay, yet everyone I know seems to get great deals and they all love eBay. I’m not a fan.

I forgot to mention what cranks are installed. It came with Lasco 140mm and not the Dotek now provided at unicycle.com (from my ref). It appears they changed their offering since I puchased the wheelset. I want to be up front about all the parts and I can post digital images if you would like.

Thank you ffor the offer, I’ll sleep on it for now (it’s late here). A 75$ depreciation seems like a lot to me but I have ‘no’ experience in the matter of used parts. It could be a fine offer, I haven’t a clue. Maybe some people on the list could offer me their opinions? How much depreciation should I expect?


as a person that has sold alot of unicycles.i will add that a general price reduction must simpliy be…unlesss you have a Telford or a SH blah blah blah,its hard to sell a unicycle.

if what you have to sell is something that a consumer can get any time then there is no point in waiting,take offers and sell.

do not offer without intent.

P.S. three times i have seen a Telford offered for sale only to become unavailable because non-buying people talked the seller out of it…trully discusting and none of there business.

So it comes with cranks?

Nevermind, I didn’t read close enough. Cranks, but no pedals or seat, but what about seat post?

Yes, I fully expect to reduce the price afterall it is a used product. The question is how much reduction is normal in this situation based on what I know about the item?

Sorry. No seat post. Just the Frame and wheelset+cranks


shippiing will be lots from alaska, so 125 is good

Thank you again for the offer.

I spoke with my wife and she thinks your price is reasonable but she also thinks I should save the uni for our son King Muni-Man. I’ve been thinking about it today and I think she’s right. We would just end up buying him a similar setup in a couple of years at a higher price. That said, I’m going to hold on to it.

Thanks again.


Ohh man, you got my hopes up! Thats alright though, your son needs a unicycle. Who doesn’t deserve a unicycle? But if you change your mind, tell me.:frowning: