I might buy a new Uni

Hello everyone I was looking at this unicycle on ebay
Should I buy it? I’m looking to get a new trials unicycle and this looks like a good
deal. I was also looking at the Qu-Ax 20-inch Trials or a torker DX
I have to spend less than $350 dollars. Right now I have a Torker Cx which I have had for like 3 years and I also bought a Torker Tx a month ago.
I am somewhere in between a level 4 and 5 unicyclist.

I presume you’re interested in trials from the unis you chose, the KH isn’t splined and the other two are, this means the KH will break much more easily, it you ride hard on it you will snap the hub or cranks. I have no experience of the DX because we can’t get them over here but they seem very popular with people getting in to the sport, the Qu-Ax is a good solid ride too.

I love my DX. ik dkon’t now how long I hakve had it but the only thing that isn’t stock is my seat and seat post. I took my seat and seat post off my lx because I like it better for sif.

i would go for the quax. the extra money will save you about a pound if that’s worth it to you.

Thanks for your advice. I ordered a qu-ax off of unicycle.com

Good choice!:slight_smile: That norco looks cheap! I’m allergic to non-splined cranks. (Shudder)

HEY that the norco i have…:stuck_out_tongue:

that saddle it terrible AHHHH i cant ride my uni barely cuz the saddle hurts that area between your bag and bum:Pheheh

ne who im looking at gettin a different one so you made a good choice

man that norco has got a KH seat… thats like the std seat… its not that bad… unless its not a real KH seat, eg the phillips imitation, but actually they are ok.

If your hurting then well… thats normal, wear cycling shorts…

i duno maybe im jsut mroe sensitive there than other guys but im hopefully gettin a bc for christmas then with my paper route tips (last year i got $375 cash) i hope to buy a Kh 20" 07:D :smiley: :smiley: so i will have a good kh seat