I may have saved one.

I wasn’t even planning to ride today. Too cold. It turned out not to be. Then, I was only planning to ride an hour or two. Maybe worth putting the gear on. Maybe not. No idea where I wanted to go. I ended up going downtown. Again. That is usually a four or more hour trip; and today was probably no exception, though I don’t really know, because I didn’t record the trip.

I had a pleasant interchange with a phone lineman on the way. It already fades from my memory, but I think he conducted himself intelligently. I think he said that I was the first unicyclist that he had seen, and he sees bicyclists and joggers all of the time. Whilst standing in a bucket, up in the air. I ride all around this town, but it is a big timespace.

Once downtown, on one of my passes by the riverfront, I got stopped by a non-rider who expresseed interest. He said he’s got one at home, and he tried to learn to ride it, but couldn’t. I gave him the usual speil. Ten to fifteen hours, safety equipment, tennis court, yadda yadda. He wants to ride it to work. Maybe he’ll go through with it; maybe he won’t. There seemed to be a chance, though. His friend (or coworker), sitting a meter away, was completely uninterested.

I really don’t have any pertinent comment to make. I only wanted to say I like your style of writing.


Thanks for this little poetic and visual moment.

Cheers, and you’re quite welcome.

Post of the year :slight_smile:
Cool writing style!

That’s because everyone in Nashville is a songwriter. :smiley: :wink: