I made up a new trick?

…but I can’t see how it couldn’t have been done before…

I was riding my 28" down the street earlier today and I started thinking of tricks that I could do on such a larger wheel than I’ve been accostomed to. I can wheelwalk it, 1ft ww, stomach-on-seat hand ww, and, now, after about 10 attempts, I can loosen the seatpost, spin the seat 360°, and re-tighten the seatpost.*

I have never, in all of the gigs’ worth of videos I’ve watched and saved, seen anybody do this.

Video to come if desired :sunglasses:

-Joe B

edit: *while riding, of course.

That is pretty cool, especially if you can do it really fast (relatively). It is a little harder for those of us that don’t have quick release seats, since I would have to take an allen wrench, but maybe I will figure out a way to try that.

It definitely is desired.

I really hope that you are sitting on the seat while you spin it.

I second that. It would open up a whole new world of tricks.

ive thought about doing that after a cranks grab… but i cant cranks grab so i couldnt try it…i desire a video


cool 3x

that sounds simply AWESOME…I’ve tried loosening my seat post and changing the height while riding, and couldn’t do it…I wanna see a vid (:

does it have a quick relase system if not how do you do it :thinking:

Yes, it has a quick release.

I’ll get a video up as soon as my mom gets back with the camera and I have daylight to film it in.