i made my frame today!

i just finshed glueing the pvc to form my frame!!
it is super wide and is gonna be really hard to ride, as it is a motorcycle tire and i really hope it works, im most worred about the glue since it is lamanite flooring glue. once i finish it i will post pics before i ride it so that you see it before it gets ruined, hopefully it wont though

What!? pcv frame, motorcycle tire??


duude pm pictures so i can see it

what should i use for “bearing holders”?

Hose Clamps.

this sounds really funny. Hopefully it will work for at least a little while. It would be neat to see a video of riding it, plus then it would be worth it even if it broke right away.


you gotta post pics

i will this weekend for sure!!! but the lamanite flooring glue didn’t hold in fact it made it more slipery so that didn’t work and now i dont know what to use so please give me some suggestions i was thinking of getting some glue they have at the local art and craft store that looks like it would hold pretty good but im not sure so ill update more on saturday night around 10 and it will include pics and if it doesn’t on saturday night then sundays update definatly will!, i might be able to use my stepdads old motorcycle seat too but it is huge so id have to cut a lot off and i dont think he wants me doing that.

You gotta have duct tape on that thing. Who needs glue? get enough duct tape, and you can hold anything together.

" Duct tape makes the world go 'round, and can solve any problem except disease and world hunger. Get enough, and it can hold anything together. Even broken relationships, but i don’t reccomend trying that." – Me.

this summer i made a hockey net out of pvc and it doesnt even budge with duct tape, but that would kinda not work for the pedals(which might not be pvc i havent decided yet) and the rim which definitly will be pvc and for an inner tube im using inflatable basketballs!!! mini ones!

For pvc, its called “red hot blue glue”. Get it at your local hardware store for about $2.00.

Or you can just use pvc cement you can get at any hardware store. Just go to the plumbing section.

I can’t wait to see the pictures you mentioned in that incredibly long sentence.:wink:

Use some (very) old 2 x 4s for the cranks, then you could nail on something clever for the pedals.


want to try a BC wheel outta a car wheel next time?

i would but i dont have an extra car wheel laying around,

does anybody have an old saddle and seat post they want to donate to the project?
if not ill just get a cheap bike from a garage sale for like 1 dollar then like take the pedals off it and then like use the seat also!

but i might eventually get a good seat and seat post combo if it actually works

so, the laminate flooring glue sucked and i was too busy with hockey and getting a new trupet case and sweet new mouthpiece that is plastic!! that i didnt have time to work on it, ace didnt have any red hot blue glue so i got ace pvc cement and will cement it all tommorrow and definatly have pics!!