I made a tiny uni-ish thing

I made a little unicycle out of a 14’’ kids bike wheel/fork the only thing is it dosent have cranks makeing it pointless but i can wheel walk on it for about
5 feet. it is pretty pointless though. i was thinking about putting some foot platforms on it to make it a bc wheel crossed with a mini-uni. does any one have any ideas on how to attach them on.

i don’t have any ideas, but do you have pictures of your invention? it sounds cool.

I had my 20" the same way when i had bent my cranks… Learned to wheelwalk pretty fast since it was my only unicycle at the time!

my brother(Spudman) and i have a bc wheel, if that’s what you wanted to make. you could see what it looks like i think its in Spudman’s gallery


I made my trials bc into a bcuni, i bought a longer axle, some bearings and these tapered bolt things that are kinda like shims for the bearings then i attached my frame. That doesnt really have much to do with your question but if the wheel came off a kids bike then you will probably bend the axle pretty soon.

Hey spencer let’s see a pic.