I made a boo-boo. Help me with my stupid mistake.

If i’m not careful, I’m going to get famous for my stupid mistakes. Check out the pics of my saddle in the gallery:
You’ll see what I’m talking about in the 4th pic.

When I was attaching the seat cover, I was closing the alligator teeth seat cover clamp thingies by just squeezing them with a pair of pliers. In my ignorance, I disregarded the fact that the pliers would squish the seat cover against the edge of the saddle base, and I ended up cutting some holes in the seat cover.

I don’t want these holes to spread. Anybody have any thoughts about patching these holes? Are these seat covers the same vinyl as those fake-leather-vinyl furniture patches? Would those patches help me?

I liked the video! I kept waiting for the seat to say something… Couldn’t you do a little seat-puppet show next time? :smiley:


I really don’t think you’ll have a problem with the material fraying. We have a hole or two here and there in our seats and the rips are not fraying or progressing unless of course we catch the material on something and rip it further. I have a small tear in a vinyl seat cover and am planning on trying a vinyl repair kit. I’ll let you know how it goes.


you did that video during work didn’t you. you stole company time. You used thousands of company equipment as a back drop for a saddle. bah! (off the record, it looked good)

Damn, that is a sexy ass seat!
Pictures of said seat in bathing suit please!