I Love Unicycling!

Boredom does strange things to a guy, like make him start stupid threads.

Just go to bed you loser and stop playing linerider.

All in favor please stand…

Damn, and you’re not even american! :astonished:

But I am dislexic if its a spelling error.

I know, I read it wrong :stuck_out_tongue: .

Ah, it all makes sense now, silly you :roll_eyes:

My back hurts to much to really do much unicycling right now. :frowning:

RIP Forrest

dude, OMG i luv unicycling TOO!!!



EEk! your face! (avatar) :astonished:

Ha, maybe you should invest in real bikes, not the cheap versions with one wheel, you bunch of clowns

Why not do this in JC then?

When you do this in RSU, you’re not just posting another thread on unicyclist.com, you’re also emailing all the people subscribed to the RSU newsgroup, and sending content to the people who read RSU through a news reader.

In other words, you’re creating spam.

RSU sleeps in flames

EEK!! Your mom!!

I don’t care.
And the thread had something to do with unicycling in it so I think I’m in the right here.

Hahaha, I thought this would die straight away. But it’s already up to two pages haha.

1) Yeah it did.
2) So is that a good thing or a bad thing???

I dont like your negitive attitude maestro8 :astonished:

i may have to pm you about this

Maestro is one of our best members.
He’s very witty, not negitive. Some of the most sigable material comes from him.