I Love Unicycling

I finally hit a free mount today!!!

I love the feeling I get from accomplishing such mile stones. I am bouncing off the ceiling (meanwhile my wife and kids think that I am loosing my marbles :smiley: ).

I think I may just make my goal of riding to work on May 26th:) .

Good for you! It took me ages to freemount (there were way too many convenient trees around here to necessitate learning that skill when I could be just riding). How far do you have to ride to get to work? (Good luck making it on the 26th!)


It’s a 40 minute walk. I think a little over 3Km (almost 2 miles for the metrically challenged:) )

I don’t expect to make it without UPD’s, but, if I can freemount, I can at least get going again. Most of the trip is on the Gallopping Goose trail and there is nothing to hold on to for long stretches.


well done! i’m trying 2 learn 2 idle @ the moment (very hard to do) wen i got free monting i was so pleased only prob is i can’t free mount up hills…
it makes u feel really gud wen people wathc u and u just hop on and ride off! one day if i ever learn the suicide month then wow that will look good!
:wink: good luck wiht yr work ride!

I love the feeling when you learn a new trick and everything just clicks! Nice one :slight_smile:

What sort of unicycle are you using to get to work?

The only unicycle I have at the moment: a 20" no-name (I think Taiwanese). It will be a long, slow trip (but hopefully at least as fast as walking). One of my biggest concerns is how busy the trail will be. On bike to work week (May 26-June 1), it can get fairly crowded.


I know. I love unicycling too! Yesterday i had a track and field meet and i was so tired. Then i saw two people riding unis and i got way too excited! They i went home and rode.