I love unicycling!

I know, I know, it’s not like I’m the only one, but I just felt like I needed to say it :slight_smile:

I just got back from riding our local area, Haw Ridge, a couple hundred acres of single and double track, lots of trees, water on three sides, all the essentials such as rock, roots and mud :slight_smile:

My biggest decision to make: Which unicycle do I ride?

I wanted to take the Surly 26 x 3, but since I knew I’d be taking a big muni ride on tomorrow, I opted for the KH 29 x 2.4

It’s choices like these that make life such a wonderful thing :slight_smile:

i went to concord and had a blast!!

I’m riding Hastie tomorrow afternoon, here’s your chance…

were is that at??

I love unicycling too! I tried a friends giraffe the other day and I think my life wont be complete until I have one of my own

I <3 unicycling too! I’m a real noob but I just love it. I’ve been laid up for the last 10 days after a small shoulder surgery and am itching to get onboard when I feel I can use my shoulder properly again.

Folks keep asking me why I unicycle. I tell them it’s my ‘mid-life crisis’ and I can’t afford a sports car! :roll_eyes:

It’s not about mid life crisis or because my bike has a flat or because I wanna pick up chicks; though unis are chick magnets :wink:

I ride uni cuz I love riding uni.

If anything, I ride uni because riding bikes is boring :slight_smile:

Last weekend I rode my Trials bike alot… but when I got back on my uni it was soo cool! Unicycling is just awesome! I :heart: unicycling!:smiley:

Also, about the Chick Magnet thing… it doesn’t work for me:(

My wife thinks it’s cool, so I guess that is all the chick magnet I need :wink: And both my daughters and most of their friends do too - so I would think that for the younger guys it could be something to set you apart from the crowd and draw the attention of some ladies.

I am finally learning here in my 40’s, just like my good pal Doc Doo, and I am wondering why it took me all these years to finally do it :thinking:

Like you Nurse Ben, I just love to ride. I am not very good yet, but it just keeps calling to me. I have been a road cyclist for a long time and, though I am a total noob that cannot even make a continuous ride of more than a mile without a UPD, I am starting to wonder how much I will enjoy going back to the two wheeler… Winter in Utah is long and cold so it will be a while before I find out. The coolest thing is that I will be able to do a lot more riding of the uni during the winter than I ever have on the b*ike. Cool!! :smiley:

Yep, I am hooked. Happy riding! Thanks for starting this ‘feel good’ thread.

+1. . . me too. . . words insufficient to express the upswelling of emotion. :wink: :smiley:

A little bummer this weekend - we got our first big snow this past week. I did a little riding around the neighborhood yesterday, but it’s been about 35degF over the weekend, so the snow was thick and wet, and really hard to ride in. I’ll have to wait for it to get colder before I can do any more riding, because at least for me, hard pack / icy is much easier than soft mushy snow. If we keep getting a lot of snow, I won’t be able to commute anymore, because the snow piles put me out into traffic too much. :frowning:

Not so sure Nurse Doo would like it too much if I told her my uni is a chick magnet! :p. However if the current Nurse Doo becomes the past Nurse Doo then we’ll see just how much of a chick magnet it is! :smiley:

I got my uni just because I gave up smoking and started riding again but riding two wheels had become boring, I just knew there had to be more fun to be had on one wheel and by jingo I was right! :wink:

i freakin love unicycling too!
started late august.
always a challenge and a new experience time everytime you start riding. both being characteristics that make something addictive.

today i rode at ucla, in the very windy and chilly weather on the streets.
good times~

It must have been scary cold in the City of Angels today!

I also love unicycling and am pleased that I have great weather for riding almost every day of the year.

Of course I live closer to the equator than LA, so the climate is much more temperate. :slight_smile:


Unicycling’s ok I guess. Nothing special about it though. Could take it or leave it.