I LOVE the unicyclist community or the incredible story of my lost Coker!!


I’m so glad to hear the Coker is back in your possession after such a long and arduous process. To Nathan’s point, yes you should now Ride The Lobster! Maybe you can form “Team An’So’s Uni”, and recruit two more riders and support from the list of people that have helped you. I’d be in for sure. Into the blue, what about you?

I have to say that British Airways was one of the most difficult companies I’ve encountered to deal with from a Customer Service standpoint. Not because they’re rude or hostile, although maybe An’so found that. Just that it’s really difficult to even reach them (they don’t take phone calls), and their systems are not connected. Plus they delete record over X number of days, so they lose track of previous conversations. The baggage people had no record of An’so’s issue at all when I reached them, as they deleted once there was no update for two months. Aiiie. I finally had to pretend to be her lawyer to get them to hurry up and mail a check. That was fun. Perhaps in the movie the part of Tom can be played by James Spader, in full Boston Legal mode. :stuck_out_tongue:

So now that you have your Coker back, don’t forget to come down and ride with your Seattle pals.


So we’ll have no more complaints from anyone about the prices of unicycles! :roll_eyes:

What a story!

wow thats really stupid hoe BA can do that and sell it on. your pretty lucky you got it back. im taking my trials with me to cypruss in the summer, if i loose my uni i will go crazy. im scared now. ill haave to make sure my nan doesnt decide to go with BA

That’s awesome. I’m so glad to hear you got your wheel back.

… See you in Nova Scotia!

Awesome teamwork to get your uni back, I can only imagine your frustration

It’s tempting.
And the funny thing is, I’ll be in Canada in April.
Any chance of shifting the race back by two months just for me?

What do you mean, no?

Originally Posted by Into the blue
The internet is rife with rumours that Samuel Jackson will be playing the part of Roger in the upcoming Anso/Coker movie.

Is this true?

Lol! What a mental image… I’d go to see that. :smiley:

Anyway, great story!

I did get money from BA, it wasn’t the total amount… and of course you realize once the claim has already been sent that your ankle brace is missing… where can it be?.. oh… ok…
and the bill also grows with phone and mail expenses…

I was only able to find my Coker on eBay because it’s quite unique but everything else I had in the bag (and the bag itself, which my mum made for my coker :angry: ) is definitely lost: my favorite sweater… my swiss knife (a gift from my parents when I was 10)… and they sometimes have much more value that what you can declare (you have to prove their value)

Even if it happened that sometimes I was really really furious about the whole story, I totally realized that there are things that are far worse.
I decided to spend that much time on it because I think it was worth it.
If we always give up on little things, there are people who will take advantage of it, and little by little, things are going to be worse and worse.
And some people asked me why I did not buy a new Coker with the money I get. Well, I did want to give up, I also had other things to replace and I don’t know why, but I just started to like mine even if the new ones are probably much better now.

Thanks for the update!

From the moment I saw the description on eBay of that unicycle I knew there was something fishy and I am really glad that in the end it finally got back to its rightful owner.

I look forward to seeing the beast itself in Nova Scotia this spring, especially the handle on that thing. It looked like a sweet 36er.

I found an excuse that was not too bad to complain!!

For sure I smile at the end! We had such a great team and it was really a great experience!

I didn’t find them hostile either, as you said just hard to reach. Even recently, I tried to phone them because I wanted them to pay for the shipment of the uni back to Vancouver from the UK, but wasn’t able to reach them!

[B]So I did my qualification ride on March, 8th-9th.

[/B]I’m actually not sure at all I’m really going to participate to the RTL… But I wanted to do the qualification ride anyway, so I’ll be ready in case.
It took me a long time to financially get over the expenses from the MUT (but I don’t regret it at all, it was totally worth it!!). It’s more expensive to go to Halifax from Vancouver than to go back to France!! And I’ll have to go back to France during the summer.

For the qualification ride, I was really able to see the benefits from the MUT last summer: it was much easier for me to ride the distance than last year when I trained for the MUT. And I know much better how to manage breaks, foods…

saturday: rating 153
Stats: 80,9km, 527m of elevation, average speed: 14km/h, 8km by night

Sunday rating 179
Stats: 78km, 720m of elevation, average speed: 15,2 km/h

Pictures are here: http://www.unicyclist.com/index.php?page=gallery&g2_itemId=563829

And here is a pic of me and my Coker reunited (note the flowers lei I offered it when it arrived!!)

If he bought it through PayPal, all he has to do is give PayPal some BS story of dissatisfaction and they will stop the payment. For instance, if you tell paypal that you haven’t received the item yet mere minutes after closing the sale, or in some cases before even buying it, they will refund the buyer’s money and lock the sellers’ account.

Thanks for the advice.
Only three months too late.

Nice pics An’so.
The flowers are really cool.
Is that seat bolt still holding?