i love days like today

today was an awesome day of riding. at first i almost didnt keep riding because it was realllly windy. but then the wind let up so i decided to take a ride down to the park by my house(it’s about 1/4 mile away) on the way there, there are all kinds of fun gaps and stuff to ride. Usually i don’t land them all, but today i nailed all of them. Plus i landed some more technical stuff that i have been looking at. When i got to the park i landed the biggest rolling hop down a stair set that i ever have, its a 4 stair, but they are abnormally large stairs. they are about 9 inches tall and a foot long each.
After that i proceeded to do my first crank grab to rubber up a little gap, it was just from the park bench seat up to the top of the back of the bench.
Anyways, im just super stoked about todays ride. My brothers dont really understand, so i just wanted to tell anyone who would listen haha…man. my legs are feeling like jelly after a little more than 2 hours of some hard riding.:smiley:

sweeet…i love days like that…they leave you feeling so good dont they(aside from the leg jelly)


ive had days like that… ii love that feeling

No way near your skill level, but I went offroading at the weekend and did loads of stuff I been wanting to do, jelly legs are definately worth the buzz, just wish I could go out again today, but work gets in the way:( .
Really made up for you :slight_smile:

I hate the day I had today insulted hat stolen pushed off and my dice cap almost stolen

Bummer of a day man. Just keep in mind, with uniing, the good days will always outnumber the bad (otherwise, I don’t think anybody would keep at it).

I love days like today, just cos it was so warm and sunny. Then my hubby took me out for lovely food and wine when I got home.