I love Darren Bedford! (But I love Danielle more!)

The title is true. But I also had to write that after reading the response from Catboy’s thread :slight_smile:

Anyways. I would like to introduce everyone to my newest family member. Danielle.

Who was born around 8pm EST right infront of my eyes. Now that was the coolest thing ever. And if only Phil didn’t yell at me to ride HIS muni, I would have been able to watch the birth. Oh well, I’ll be there for her tattooing :slight_smile:

Oh, I’m big on personification if you havn’t noticed :slight_smile:

P.S. Darren rocks :slight_smile:

i dont get it :thinking: are you talking about your uni because why dont you just say i got a new uni instead of trying to say it in other word at first i thought the girl behind was danniele and was very confused :thinking:

I think it was pretty obvious who Danielle was… and might I add that she is a very beautiful unicycle! ( :

Sorry for the confusion Drew. By Danielle, I did mean the unicycle. I’m the chick behind the uni, and my name’s Angela :slight_smile: Mostly I just wanted a cooler way of saying “I have a new uni!”

James: Thanks :slight_smile: I’m quite fond of her as well!

To anyone interested:
I just posted a wackload of new pictures, including pics of Darren putting Danielle together (or as I call, “giving birth to”) for me from last night. I just followed what I saw how a lot of other people take pictures, so here you go!


Angela, that is one cool looking uni, now get out there and ride it !!!:slight_smile:

i TRIED! heh.
i just got back from my first outdoor adventure with danielle.
i don’t do so good on wet slushy streets full of people though. and it was slightly uphill, i could go maybe 4-5 cranks before i bailed/panic’ed and then had to get back on. what can i say, i’m spoiled with the gym!

BUT! the tire’s great for chewing through snow. i ran up into a snowbank at one point and did great until i fell over. heh.


My sidewalks here have finally cleared…

… and it’s sunny :smiley:
… going out soon …

going to be almost 30F outside today !
(heat wave!)

im still really confused where were you when you recived it? is that darren? did you like meet him to get it? how big is that wheel? what sort of plans are you inteding that uni to be used for? :thinking:

That explains everything, plus has all the pictures.
The really hot and sexy guy putting the unicycle together, would be Darren Bedford of Bedford Unicycles. Hopefully he won’t kill me for posting pictures of him online and removing the mystery of who he is. heh. :slight_smile: (Love you Darren!)

I’m a part of the Toronto Unicyclist’s Club, that Darren’s the president, so he just brought all the parts over and put it together at the gym we practice at.

It’s a 24" wheel, with a 24"x2.6" stout tire.

The main reason for this uni is to ride it around town. Hopefully I’ll get better with sidewalks and gentle slopes because today I sucked. I also got it built up so it is sort of like a muni, and I can upgrade it with other things later. Nothing seriously hardcore (since I can’t do any seriously hardcore riding yet) but with the big tire & stuff I can still go off-road and hopefully do decently well.

We’re all talking about doing muni rides this spring/summer so this is the uni I will be bringing along for the ride.

Nice, new muni! I love the color scheme. Bedford is great.

Wow,thats pretty cool lookin’.

Its great that it has both a 24" and 26" tire!