I love Cokers!

So, I am finally posting a couple pictures of my new deluxe coker. I got the frame from Darren Bedford, who powdercoated it black, and I ordered the airfoil wheelset from UDC. I am now able to ride straight up stairs and ride down sets of stairs. Going down stairs fast on a coker is a whole new thrill! Going up isnt too hard, but it isnt anywhere near as fun as going down sets of stairs here on campus. I love this thing. I tried riding my trials uni the other day and I just wanted to get back on my Coker. I will post some videos of me going up and down stairs soon.

-ers in the title

whoops, yeah I mean “I love my new Coker”. hah.

Awesome! When can I borrow it? :smiley:

A nice machine; clean lines!

Congratulations on your new machine… it’s a beauty! I share your sentiments! Based on how well you rode my Coker when you were in NYC, now that you own your own, I’d say that you’ll probably be one of the best Coker riders in the world in no time!!! Let me know if you want to meet up and do some skatepark Cokering some time… there are a lot of cool parks to check out in the Northeast… and it’s loads of fun!

Welcome to the club, see you at Ray’s Indoor MTB park in April!!!

i know nothing about cokers, what makes them so special, i only just found out about the stairs, i want one!

I think I have added another favorite unicycling picture to my collection. The one with the coker on the bridge over the traintracks. VERY NICE. I don’t even ride cokers lol.


Very nice machine, man!

You totally have to get a video of you riding up (and down) stairs on it uploaded somewhere! Can’t wait to see that!

I haven’t been on my coker in a wee while, and still haven’t gone down stairs on it, but up stairs? Good work!


Yeah, that is the highlight of a trail that starts near my apartment here. I love the trails here(southwest virginia)…very scenic and mountainous…better than flat, boring northern virginia. I want to get my friend here to videotape me riding over the bridge while he is standing down by the tracks.

Thanks, yeah I will be sure to post some videos soon.

The hardest thing about going down stairs on a coker is first conquering your fear. I didnt want to try it when I first saw Andrew (hardcorecokerrider) do it in NY, but the first time I tried with my Coker I didnt fall off. Im not really scared of any sets of stairs now. Sometimes I lose my balance though and I sort of launch off the front of the uni, but I always land on my feet.

Sounds good. I am at Virginia tech now which is 4 hours south of where I normally live in Virginia…so going anywhere in the Northeast is kind of a hassle. I will probably be driving to NYC the weekend of Feb. 25th though to see the Bad Brains play at CBGBs.