I look for unicycle logo for t-shirt

we are looking for an unicycle logo for the shirt to the 4. unicycle day in Dresden at 29.9.2007

we make lot of races and high jump, long jump and play unicycle hockey

thanks Peter

Well here’s something i made in paint. :smiley: :smiley:

if you credit me on the shirt you can use the Uniman Logo, but somewheree on the t-shirt I would like to have it say something like “Image created and provided by Ducttape” I hope this is what you were looking for.

Uniman Logo.jpg

I really like that logo, did you draw it?

yeah I drew it for the Uniman comic, then took a picture of it with my phone put it on my computer and photoshopped it to look better. Glad you like it the first link is the original thread that started the comic and the first few issues of it, and the second link is my thread I started that was dedicated to just the comic… read them if you want.

thanks Ducttape it look nice,

we are select all and then we vote

when we are use the logo then become the generator a t-shirt with the logo.

please more logo you can me mail,

peter does your group have a name? I can do something similar to this where your goups name wraps around the logo.

Here’s me:

logo sillowet2.jpg

I’m fond of the Unicyclist.com logo image at the top of this page. That’s the one I’d prefer to wear.

Do you happen to know the artist?


you sure?

Well… look at his avatar

I’m pretty sure its his but the voices are saying it might not me