I live in Hawaii and I'm missing a nut!

…On the hub of my profile wheelset. it was kindof a downer when the crank fell off while i was riding. How can i get a replacement.
(answer: uni.com, duh)

better question:
Does anyone in Hawaii have an extra nut//profile tools?

i know you can order them from bedfordunicycles.ca

PS…I rode my profile cranks for about 2 months without the crank bolt on one side.

ahhhh splined…

double whammy! was it painful when you lost it? ouch

You can also order the flush Profile crank bolts from DansComp. They’re under [Bike Parts >> Bottom Brackets]. They’re called “Profile Bitchin’ Bolts”. You want the BMX size. The SS size is the oversized size that is bigger than what is used for the unicycle hub.

If you still have the little inverse cone shaped aluminum washer thing that fits in the crank, you can get the gold crank bolts for a little extra bling bling. They’re listed at DansComp as the first item under Bottom Brackets. I think the flush mount one is the standard BMX size, but I’d call DansComp or email DansComp to confirm before ordering it.

If you don’t still have the aluminum washer thing you’ll need to get the black standard Bitchin’ Bolts cause they come with the washer thing.

You can also check at some local BMX bike shops. You might get lucky and they might have extra bolts in stock.