I like this comfortable helmet

This is a thread for riders that want to say their helmet is comfortable.

I suppose it’s OK for posters to go on an anti helmet tirade, cause it’s a free world and folks can write anything they want. :roll_eyes:

But the point of this thread is for riders that like their helmets to say so.:slight_smile:

I hope that this will help riders find comfortable helmets.:slight_smile:

I like my Giro 35 $ plastic thing with it’s visor. It weighs nothing more or less, and is vented so well that I don’t notice it riding in south Florida in August.

The visor is really great. I think this is a great helmet. I forget I am wearing it, but I really like the visor. :sunglasses:


Other then getting this helmet “dirt” cheap I do love it. This Dirt Lid not only offers the protection needed (tested :smiley: ), but it offers quite a bit of shade to my ears and eyes. There is also quite a bit of adjustable padding to keep a snug fit. The only gripe I have is that that less foam could have been used to fit the outside of the helmet in closer, maybe a 1/4 on an inch so it doesn’t sit so far away from your head. :roll_eyes:

Bell Faction!!!

I used to heat Bell helmets, idk why. But about years ago, I tried one on and it fit amazing! I have one of those “hard to fit” heads, so when something is comfortable, It’s awesome. Now 3 years, 3 sizes and 3 helmets later, I still love them.
This is the one I have right now:

for a few pennies more you can go for the Mullet instead, also by 661, which looks less like a chamber pot and comes in matt colours. The foam’s just as thick, but as I twice fell from 6 foot on to it in an afternoon once i much appreciate that.

I personally like this helmet. Its pretty light compared to the bell I had before it.

I have this and don´t like it!!!


This helmet wight, in my opinion, too much and in the summer it is very hot under him.

Does someone know a recommendable helmet for touring?

The one thing that stopped me from the mullet was that I heard tell of the straps being too short. Another thing is that the Mullet helmet only meets the CPSC standard while the Dirt lid meets ASTM F 1447, ANSI Z90-4, CPSC and CE standards which in my opinion increases the amount of protection.

I can’t believe you don’t like the TSG. I find it to be the most breathable of all skate helmets that I have worn. Plus the gloss white comes with red straps (favorite color combo).

interesting actually i only have about another 15mm of strap length left on mine, but I do have quite a big head.

As for the standards, yes fair enough, but I’ve no idea if those are more stringent than the CPSC standard or not, and if the mullet tried and failed for other standards, or has just never been examined. Still a valid point though, I didn’t check before buying mine. Mine actually has the CE logo and a sticker saying it conforms to En 1078 in it, whatever that means.

I tried a friend TSG a few years ago. I hated it. It was the most uncomfortable helmet I have ever tried. But then again, I have a “hard-to-fit” head

Bell and Giro are owned by the same Company

They share patents on the fit systems.

My Giro has a dial in back that adjusts the fit very finely and easy.:slight_smile:

I recommend Bell- Giro helmets as being easy to buy over the net and get a good fit.

It seems that most of you like the old style bucket helmets. It does seem like they provide better protection. More coverage. Less wind though.:frowning:

I like the new “all vented” style. Admittedly less protective, it’s super venting is worth the compromise to me.

I would not consider a helmet without a visor. :slight_smile:

Please keep the posts coming !

IMHO the reason riders don’t wear helmets is that they have tried them and didn’t like them.

By showing riders that there is an array of comfortable helmets available, I think more riders will try helmets, and maybe like them.

The new style super vented lids are really unnoticeable in general 36 riding. Plus you get a visor !:slight_smile:

I’ve been using a Giro Xen for coming up on three years now. It’s terrific. Good padding system, easy adjustment wheel, nice ventilation (important when you live in a place with 110f summer days). It has the closest to a skate helmet’s coverage while looking like a mountain biking helmet. It’s an expensive helmet if you buy it at retail (around US$130), but I got mine as a late season closeout for around US$75.

Even though Bell and Giro share a common bond, the helmets don’t have the same shape. I’m not sure if I have a round or oval or whatever shaped head, but the Giro fits much better than the two Bell helmets I wore before it (and they were really nice, too–just a different shape that didn’t work as well).

i use a giro indicator 08. in black. i like it.

all these skater helmets get too warm for my sweaty head. i like the giro helmet above, but it’s a bit more than i can reasonably spend on one considering i bring it to loads of conventions and it gets bashed on the plain/train/bus/car usually hanging from my bag.

I use a BELL SOLAR helm and I am in love with it because its so cheap 45euro.:smiley:

Are any of the Giro helmets Snell certified?

I like the way they look, but have been looking to get a Snell certified helmet.

Oddly, I don’t think safety is important

This is a thread about saying you are wearing a comfortable helmet.:slight_smile:

I own many helmets. My motorcycle helmet is a full face Snell approved several lb. monster of protection. It’s real comfortable at motorcycle speeds, and I took the face shield off, and added a snap on visor.:slight_smile:

The 11 0z giro foam thing, with visor :slight_smile: , is comfortable at uni speeds, so I will actually wear it.

A helmet sitting on a shelf is no good, even if it’s certified by Snell. Comfort is the first point of uni helmet safety.

These vented foam helmets are lame, compared to more substantial (heavy, unvented) helmets, in serious repeated crash tests.

But it is as comfortable as wearing nothing ( a very popular choice), you get a visor:) and if I don’t notice a rock, and suddenly get pitched into a wall at 9 mph, I will just buy another helmet. :slight_smile: It is a one shot thing. Like a band aid !:slight_smile:

I hate helmets,
They distract you and weigh you down
I only had one good helmet :smiley: but i lsot it n forgot the name

Full protection and doubles as a small brush.

That’s the one I have for riding my kh20. Same colour as well. Its the only helmet that I know of that could take repeated hits and still be usable. Its got a foam that’s very different to most other helmets.

If the Giro Zen is too much check out the Giro Hex. @ $ 50.00 cheaper, save coverage. I’ve been using using them for some time now, been very happy