I like single tracks!

“single track” is translated in french as “play path”: how true!
I like single tracks: there I feel the joy of controlling my Muni; I spin like mad just because I feel that the incoming MTB behind me come rushing and may crush me out! my eyes are trying to spot each tree, each twist, each rock in the path, and when come a descent: woosh! here I come! the thrill makes me shout (the Irrintza!).
Alas there come flat and wide forrest trails and road and then I spin slowly , I am sluggish and my 24" Muni is stuck to the ground :frowning:
So the “Gear Acquisition Syndrome” is taking hold: should I buy a 26" Muni with titanium fork, large marge rim, Surly Larry tire, 140mm cranks? (Jogi on the forum has one and I tried it)… Gasp :astonished:
your advice?

Hi Wobbling Bear!

I hope you will get many advices in return, however I must say that there is no very obvious link between the title of your thread and the actual question you are asking to the community! :roll_eyes:

BTW, are you looking at buying a Muni or a Guni?
Your reference to the “Gear Acquisition Syndrome” makes me think you want a Guni… but since you do not mention the KH/Schlumpf hub in the list of hardware parts, I now wonder…

As far as I’m concerned, I recently bought a KH26 Guni, and did my first wheel turns with it in August, while I was in Tunisia for vacation. Well, I didn’t do much singletrack at that time, because there weren’t so many in the area, but totally loved the speed I could reach in high gear and the versatility of the beast!
I will have to practice in order to change gear on-the-fly though, because with 137mm cranks in Tunisia it was already very difficult, but now that I’m back in France and have decided to give the 125mm cranks a try, it became just a disaster! But I’m confident that I will get better and better (at least I can’t get worse :D).

In conclusion, I would strongly recommend you to go Guni, and a 26" frame/wheel is IMHO a very good choice overall.

Cheers, MadC.

thanks for the advice …
now for the moment I won’t go after a Guni… may be later.
the Schlumpf if expensive but this is not the main reason. For the moment I am going after lightness… My Muni is a tank (nickname: Grooïnk which is a reference to a boar!) it is ok to go through a bush :stuck_out_tongue:

hey Bernard,

here some advice:

The Triton titanium frame will have nearly the same wheight as an aluminuim frame but the stiffness of steal

26" will be surely better for XC and common single trial
140mm - 150mm cranks will be best therefore

the larry ist an excellent lightwheight tire for dry gound anfd it has an excellent bouncing, shockabsorbing effect and rides really comfortable

I prefer the large marge rim because its undestroyable, an other option would be a 47mm rim, it will be lighter and cheaper, and the Larry will fit. “kaiser4racing” rides such a setup, but he is also 30kg lighter than me;)

if you wanna save wheight there are some more options in hub, saddle plate, pedals, spokes…

at all you won´t ride better with a better muni, but riding a better muni will make it easyer to get more skill;)

any more questions???

ride on Jogi

If you want to go wider than 47mm I would suggest you look up various rims designed for snow biking and get one of those. I have never ridden a marge but think that they are built stronger than most of us need and we could get away with lighter wide rims.

Some rims to consider

Grateful Fat Sheba
Speedway Umma

umm there is at least two more but I am drawing a blank at the moment. I am going back to bed.

I would say the difference between 24" and 26" is not enough to be worth putting money into. Especially with the Large Marge rim–it’ll still be heavier than your 24", even with the titanium frame.

If you are looking for something for the flat and wide trails, I’d recommend a 29er. With a 29x2.5" tire, it’s still great for moderately technical singletrack, and it’s actually fun on wide trails and dirt roads.

I already own a 29er with a 29x2.2 tire: it is the lightest of my Uni. But since a severe UPD with it (twisted ankle) I am shy to use it again on single tracks: may be I should reconsider.