I like big wheels and I cannot lie

I’m Chris and I live in the New England area of NSW, Australia. I’ve long been interested in anything pedal powered and started unicycling about six years ago. Early on I set my sights on a 36er and have been doing most of my riding on that.

Living away from big cities has its advantages and disadvantages. I have many beautiful places to ride right on my doorstep but I’m usually doing it alone.

I occasionally do a bit of muni too, but most of the time I find myself answering the call of the big wheel and the open road. These days I’m mixing it up with a smattering of running and duocycling too.

If an off the shelf uni with a pneumatic tyre larger than 36" was available I would buy one in a heartbeat :smiley:.


You and me both.

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I don’t do quite as many miles as you!

Sounds good, but is it comfortable on dirt? If I could only ride on sealed roads that would limit my riding quite a bit around here.

Nah, I wouldn’t ride a road bike on those roads.

36er sounds like the best option :+1:.

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