I learnt one-foot idling today!

I’m happy.
That was easier than I thought.
I also managed a kick-up mount once, and side mount a few times.
And about 5 feet one-foot WW.

I like borrowing my friend’s 20".
Mine arrives Friday.


Good job! I’m still working on regular idling, and at this point, I am not even close to getting it.:o

ironic that u just posted a threead about this. i just learned it a few days ago too. and i dont ever practice things like idling - i just knew how to i dle and did a 1 ft idle on my first try. i thought of doing this cuz for some reason i was thinknig of that freestyle video that tyler made a month or so ago and he did it.

Great job!

I had the experience just this week of 1-foot idling for the 1st time. I remember trying it before and thinking “nope.”, but this time it felt really easy. 1-foot WW, huh? I haven’t gotten the 2-footed variety down yet. This winter promises to hold some serious skill practice time (the club’s gym is the perfect place to work on stuff). Summer has been mostly recreational touring/Muni-ing.

Congrats on the new skill!

If you haven’t already, try to mount into OF idling and OF idle on your “non-dominant” side as soon as possible.

That was the case with me too.

Me neither. I wasn’t making much progress learning 2fww, and since all I really want to learn is gliding, I figured I’d just skip that step and go to 1fww. In a very short time, I’ve almost caught up with my 2f distance (about 10-15 feet.)
BTW, the WW was the only thing I was doing on my Muni, not the 20"

I dun learnt tah speel gud.

Learnt is correct spelling.
I’m English.
Just because you Americans can’t spell doesn’t mean the rest of the world can’t.



<a href=""Main Entry: learnt
Pronunciation: 'l&rnt
chiefly British past and past participle of LEARN “”>http://m-w.com/cgi-bin/dictionary?book=Dictionary&va=learnt

If I could one foot idle…

I would learn to catch and spin a flying disc ( frisbee ) on my big toe of the other foot.
That would be yet another skill that makes me no money.
I do it for the art.

An apostrophe only appears as a replacement for a removed letter.

Has Not - Hasn’t
Do Not - Don’t

Therefore Learn’t would be ‘Lear Not’, which of course makes no sense at all.


Well, as of today, I can do all the tricks up to level 4 (though not consistantly), and about half of level 5.
I definately think I’m a 20" convert. :smiley:
Giving back this uni today to my friend.
My freestyle arrives Friday. :slight_smile:

Congrats on the 1FT idle. I’m assuming this is with your other foot on the crown?
Which makes the next stop 1FT idling with foot extended.

I hate it when people use apostrophes for pluralisation. It’s like fruit salad without banana.
It’s just not right.

Yeah, I finally got the hang of 1-foot foot-on-crown riding (I learnt to ride 1 foot off-crown), but started learning foot-on-crown when I got my KH24". It’s easier on the 20", though–not so high.

I took unibrier’s advice and started working on mount-to-1foot as the next step. I got it once today.

I still can’t ride left-footed. I really should start working on that soon, too.
So much to learn…so much homework…:frowning:

Re: I learnt one-foot idling today!

On Mon, 24 Oct 2005 17:23:57 -0500, Loosemoose wrote:

>An apostrophe only appears as a replacement for a removed letter.

Which letter is removed here?

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