I learnt 360 Unispins today!

I learnt 180 unispins a week ago and today i learnt 360s, i can do it with about a 70% sucess rate. Heres a really short video, it the first time i used my gallery.


Nice, how good were you when you started learning unispins? I have started learning 180 unispin’s, i can almost land them but i am not very good at hopping sif, I think its gonna take some time to learn…


P.S Second post of 2006

agh! i really need to nail mine. gj man.

Dude u better be good at it

you must be very confident in ur self to do the trick right beside your white car!! where i live it is all snowy now and i wanted to learn 360 unispin (PS i can do it now) when i was trying it in my basement i fell and put a huge hole in my wall… it sucked soo much…

I’m so close!

it looks like you hop with your feet on the cranks before spinning it? is that what you do? is it easier? im desperate to nail em-ive been at it for 2 months or so.

im trying to learn but cant get my feet off with the unicycle following. how did you get your feet off the pedals without the unicycle coming up with you?

That’s cool, I was able to do 180 unispins for about a year before I learned 360s, 1 week between learning a 180 and 360 is really fast.

Learn no footers first, they are really easy. Just jump off the pedals and land back on them.

good job i just landed my first 270 unispin the other day. IM really close to the 360

I start on the padals and land on the cranks, sorry bout the bad video quality. Try to do it with the seat facing backwars so you get a better grip.

I have no idea how you do no footers i suck at them. ican almost do a 180 unispin but how do you no-footer?

Its just like a unispin except you don’t spin it, jump off the pedals and land back on them.

I know what to do i just dont know how to do it


A no-footer is basically a 180 unispin, without spinning your uni :wink: You jump up from your pedals, and land back on. In order to do a 360 unispin, wouldn’t you have to learn a nothing first though?

i have landed (and fallen off) 360 unispins and i have never even tried no footers. its extra. not critical.

I’m no professional at no footers, but what helped me learn them a lot is concentrate on putting no weight on the unicycle when you’re in the air. if you do, it will start rolling and the pedals won’t be level and stuff. so just jump, and take your feet off a little bit, and keep one hand on the seat, but don’t put any weight on it.

No footers aren’t required but to me it makes sense to be able to jump off and land back on your uni really comfortably before you start spinning it.

but wouldnt you want to do no footers seat in front… becuase you 180 unispins seat in front and land on them seat in front… and another thing… when you do a no footer… does the uni genrally come off the ground or stay on the ground?


It’s easier to learn no footers with the uni staying on the ground because if you are rolling into the no footer and you pick up the uni it will tend to want to crankflip and you will land with the cranks in the wrong positions.

I learned 180 unispins, 180 unispins off drops, 360 unispins, rolling 360 unispins, but I suck at no-footers. In fact I learned unispins waaay before no-footers. They are in no way similair.