I learned to unicycle in Google!

Every week a bunch of unicycle riders are meeting in Kfar Saba, a small town in Israel for a couple of hours urban riding.
I set up a rope between 2 poles to help new riders - and we always welcome new and uni-less riders to join us.

This week a 16 year young girl came for the first time and you could see from the first moment that she has talent.

Knowing that this is her first time with us I ask her where she learned to ride.

and she replies: “I learned to ride in google”, sounding like this is the most natural thing to do.

I was awestruck - I always knew that you could see new trick and get ideas from google and youtube - but getting better that fast was something I never thought was possible!

so, wanting to learn more about her google learning habits I press on with the question and learn the simple truth behing the statement:

Her dad work for google. They have a simple unicycle at the local google HQ. She learned to ride the unicycle in the local Google HQ. :slight_smile:

That’s awesome, I love Google. At least as long as they stick to their ‘don’t be evil’ policy and keep my data safe…

That’s very cool. Google should start spelling their name with only one “o”. :stuck_out_tongue:

Google Vs Facebook

I guess that this is just another example of keeping up with the Jones’s. Facebook always had a unicycle at thier headquarters so I guess that Google couldn’t be outdone!